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Heartbeat Bill Before Georgia Supreme Court Tomorrow!

by | Mar 27, 2023

By Georgia Life Alliance

Even though the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill, the abortion industry isn’t going down without a fight.

The most recent challenge against the L.I.F.E. Act (aka the ‘Heartbeat bill’) was filed in Fulton County Superior Court with Judge Robert McBurney last summer. Their intent is for the State court system to invent a right to abortion under the Georgia Constitution since the Federal courts have affirmed there is NO right to abortion under the U.S. Constitution by overturning Roe v. Wade so that the billion-dollar abortion industry can continue exploiting and profiting from women facing crisis.

The case was heard in the Fulton Superior Court and then appealed to the Supreme Court of Georgia, where it will be decided – once and for all – TOMORROW, March 28th.

The Court has scheduled the hearing for Tuesday from 10am through 2pm. You can attend in person with GLA or watch the hearing LIVE with this link:


We can’t take this attack lightly. Just in 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court created a right to abortion under their State Constitution. That decision led to every pro-life law in their state being blocked until the state changes its Constitution. That is what the profit-hungry abortion industry wants for Georgia.

It is imperative that pro-life Georgians stay engaged on this issue and be diligently in prayer as the next front in the war on life continues to wage. Please join us in praying ahead of the hearing.

  • Pray for the Justices to hear the arguments with discernment
  • Pray for the pro-life attorneys to articulate our law with clarity and wisdom
  • Pray for the pro-abortion attorneys with compassion that God will change their hearts and minds

Georgians are already seeing the positive effects of the Heartbeat Bill. From babies being saved as abortion clinics shut down to pregnant women being eligible for child support and tax exemptions – the Heartbeat Bill is good for Georgia!

Thank you for continuing to pray with us, support us as we continue to fight against the billion-dollar abortion industry, and stand with us on the frontline of this fight for life!

Together for life

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