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Help get Wisconsin Right to Life – and Daniel Kelly – over the finish line!

by | Mar 27, 2023

Abortion is on the ballot in a big way this April 4th.

Former Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly is up against Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Janet Protasiewicz, and the differences couldn’t be clearer.

Daniel Kelly has a history of judicial conservatism, and has promised to uphold Wisconsin’s Constitution by applying our laws as written instead of legislating from the bench.

Janet Protasiewicz, on the other hand, is in the pocket of Planned Parenthood and other national pro-abortion groups. If she is elected, our abortion ban will almost certainly be reversed, and a “right to abortion” may be found in our state constitution. Make no mistake, if Janet Protasiewicz is elected, abortion will return to Wisconsin.

What we need from you:

Make sure you’re registered to vote! It’s easy to find out if you’re registered: call or visit your municipal clerk’s office, or check out

Have your voting plan in place. Request an absentee ballot, visit your clerk’s office to vote early, or make a plan to get to your polling place on Election Day. More information about your municipality’s voting timeline can be found at

Already voted? Tell your friends, family members, and neighbors to vote for Daniel Kelly!

Volunteer with or donate to Wisconsin Right to Life! We’ve already reached over 30,000 pro-life voters with our targeted “get out the vote” efforts, but we’re not done! We need your help to activate even more people across the state in this final week before the election.

Give us a call at (414) 778-5780 to volunteer to make phone calls to fellow pro-lifers, or donate to our State PAC. An hour of your time or a few dollars will make a world of difference!

Countless lives are on the line on April 4th. Don’t sit this election out! Vote for Daniel Kelly!

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