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KFL Action Alert: Email Your Representative

by | Mar 20, 2023

Dear pro-life friend,

The Kansas House of Representatives will debate the Kansas Born-Alive Infants Protection Act this morning that would provide legal protection for infants who are born alive, regardless of the intent of delivery. Particularly, infants born alive after an attempted abortion would be granted legal protections.

Surely, we can all agree that a child who survives an abortion deserves the same healthcare as any other child born alive at the same gestational age. No baby should be left to die alone on a cold, metal table. Please take two minutes to contact your state representative and let them know you support this legislation.

We’ve done what we can to make it as easy as possible for you to contact your state representative. Just click the button below to notify your legislators that you support passage of House Bill 2313.


If you would like to watch the debate tomorrow, tune in at 11:00AM by clicking the button below:


Thank you for continuing to do your part to stand for those who cannot speak for themselves!

For life,
KFL Legislative Team

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