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Lawyer tells story of teenager coerced into an abortion

by | Mar 1, 2023

By Sarah Terzo

In an article in the New York Times, a lawyer talks about a case he took regarding a 15-year-old who had an abortion in Tennessee:

The girl’s mother had been shot and killed by her stepfather, and her grandmother got custody of her. Her dad said come live with him or he would kill himself. She said she couldn’t and he did kill himself.

Four months later, she got pregnant, and the boy said, ‘Have an abortion or I’ll kill myself.’ She wanted the baby, had already chosen a name. But she got pulled into having an abortion.

Within a week she was admitted to the emergency room, crying uncontrollably. She’s been in psychiatric care for more than a year now….

I’ve been working with this little 15-year old for a year, and it’s a way of ministering to the second victims of abortion, the women who’ve been damaged.

Tamar Lewin, The New York Times, April 9, 1995.

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