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Michigan House Judiciary Committee and Senate Health Policy Committee Recklessly Move to Overturn Longstanding Protections for Women and the Unborn in Final Stages of Pregnancy

by | Mar 2, 2023

Committee Members Send Blunt Overturn of 1931 Law to their Chamber Floors for Vote; Neglect to Put in Place Reasonable Protections Permitted Under Proposal 3 and In Place Under Roe v. Wade in Unprecedented Dereliction of Duty

Editor’s note. The pro-abortion “Proposal 3” passed last November. It’s been described “as one of the most dangerous ballot proposals to face voters in Michigan history.’

Lansing, MI – Yesterday pro-abortion Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate Health Policy Committee recklessly sent blunt, full repeals of the 1931 abortion law to their chamber floors for a vote. The 1931 law has been in place and partially effective even under Roe v. Wade, containing portions that remain constitutional in the wake of Proposal 3. By an 8-5 vote in the House and a 6-4 vote in the Senate, committee members failed in their duty to serve the public interest voting instead to repeal common-sense health and safety protections that have been in place for decades.

“Proposal 3 clearly states that ‘the state may regulate the provision of abortion care after fetal viability.’ The 1931 abortion law is the only abortion statute that currently regulates post-viable abortions,” said Barbara Listing, President, Right to Life of Michigan. “This is an issue that transcends party politics and traditional divisions among pro-lifers and pro-abortion activists. It is in the state’s interest to protect both women and viable unborn children in the final stages of pregnancy.”

Right to Life of Michigan calls on all legislators of goodwill to join in passing reasonable protections for viable unborn children and women. To move forward with these extreme full repeals without any protections in place is reckless.

“Advocates for life from across our great state extend heartfelt appreciation to those legislators who voted no on these dangerous bills and instead stood for common-sense protections for women and children, protections fully permitted under the Michigan Constitution,” added Mrs. Listing.

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