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Michigan Senate Democrats Vote to Mandate that All Employer Benefit Plans that Cover Pregnancy Now Cover Abortion as Well

by | Mar 23, 2023

Longstanding Conscience Protections for Employers Set to Be Removed

Lansing, MI – In a strict party-line vote (20-17), State Senate Democrats voted to amend the Elliot Larson Civil Right Act to mandate that all employer benefit plans that cover pregnancy now pay for elective abortions. This amendment strips long-standing conscience protections from employers who exercise their right to choose not to pay for abortions.

“State Senate Democrats are pushing through some of the most extreme proabortion legislation in the country, using Proposal 3 as cover for their radical agenda,” stated Genevieve Marnon, Legislative Director, Right to Life of Michigan. “Proponents of Proposal 3 repeatedly stated its passage would simply codify Roe v. Wade in Michigan. However, many of the protections that remained in place under Roe, including conscience protections, are systematically being targeted and stripped away by this new legislature.”

“Proabortion members are ramming extreme legislation through without notice and without allowing full testimony from advocates for life,” added Marnon. “This is really unprecedented from anything we have seen in Michigan.”

Senator Ruth Johnson (R-24) offered a common-sense amendment that would have exempted out employers who have a religious and conscientious objection to abortion benefits. Any attempts to include protections for employers, women, or the unborn are swiftly shut down.

Right to Life of Michigan is calling on all House members to reject this radical attempt to strip common-sense conscience protections from Michigan employers.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Right to Life of Michigan and is reposted with permission.

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