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NARAL Calls Use of Ultrasounds “Intimidation”

by | Mar 16, 2023

By Sarah Terzo

Abortion clinics sell abortions. To expect an abortion clinic to be objective in describing abortion is like expecting a car dealership to be objective about buying a car. Clinics make money off of abortions. They don’t make money off of women having their babies.

For some quotes from abortion clinic counselors revealing their bias, go here.

For obvious reasons, abortion proponents oppose laws allowing women to see their ultrasounds before abortions. Even laws that do not require a woman to see her baby on the screen, but merely require her to be offered a chance are vigorously opposed by abortion rights organizations. They also fight crisis pregnancy centers, which often show women a sonogram of her baby in an attempt to allow her to make an informed choice.

Bill S.340 Informed Choice Act would have given grants to crisis pregnancy centers to buy ultrasound equipment

Kate Michelman, who was president of NARAL pro-choice America, said CPC would use ultrasound images to “intimidate” women also said “it never fails to amaze me how little respect they have for women’s capacity to understand what goes on in our bodies.”

From” David Crary. “Abortion Foes Hope to Sway Pregnant Women with Ultrasound Images” Associated Press State and Local Wire February 1, 2001.

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