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New Hampshire Senate rejects bill to “codify abortion rights”

by | Mar 10, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

“Never enough.” The motto of most, if not all, “blue states” should be “Never enough” unborn babies killed.

Yesterday the New Hampshire Senate narrowly defeated a proposal (stop me if you’ve heard this before) to “codifying abortion rights.” The vote was 14-10. The House is yet to take up a similar bill and others dealing with abortion.

New Hampshire already prohibits abortions after 24 weeks—meaning the unborn child can be eliminated almost up until  the third trimester—but, of course, that is not enough for pro-abortion Democrats.

“It’s very clear in my mind with the Fetal Protection Act that we passed, yes you can have an abortion up to the 24th week, no questions asked,” said Sen. Sharon Carson, a Republican from Londonderry, said according to the Associated Press. “So why do we need to codify it someplace else? To make it less confusing? That is not going to happen. The law is the law.”

Democrats said post reversal of Roe “codifying abortion rights” is essential.

 “I don’t believe the law is clear,” said Sen. Becky Whitley, a Democrat from Hopkinton

At a recent hearing on the measure legislators spoke up for and against the proposal, the Associated Press reported

“I first became a mother when I was still a teenager,” said Republican Rep. Jeanine Notter of Merrimack, who spoke in opposition. “And that baby was a baby the day before he was born, three months before he was born, and he was a miracle of life from the moment of conception.”

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