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by | Mar 6, 2023

Support SB 834 to Help Oklahoma Defeat the Abortion Industry’s Attempt to Impose Unlimited Abortion on Our Pro-Life State

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

Urge state Senators to support SB 834 by Senator Julie Daniels in order to strengthen Oklahoma’s ability to defeat the abortion industry’s constitutional amendment which would impose unlimited abortion on our pro-life state.

Send an email to and ask Senators to Support SB 834.

Oklahoma is in the crosshairs of the abortion industry. Abortion supporters have pledged they will file an initiative petition for a vote of the people which would amend our state Constitution to impose unrestricted abortion on demand in Oklahoma.

Abortion supporters are 6-0 in statewide votes since Roe v. Wade was overturned last June – six pro-abortion victories, zero pro-abortion defeats. Several of their pro-abortion wins were in conservative states: Kansas, Kentucky, Montana… In Kansas, abortion supporters spent 21 million dollars in winning by 18 percentage points. In Michigan, the abortion industry spent 47 million dollars, and won by 13 points.

A new poll reveals some sobering truths about Oklahoma voters’ attitudes regarding abortion. Our current criminal law, passed last year by courageous pro-life legislators, reflects a position which is supported by just four percent (4%) of Oklahoma voters. SB 834, which would prohibit all but five percent of abortions, reflects a position which is supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters.

Oklahoma legislators enacted two types of pro-life protections last year – criminal penalties and civil remedies (which allow private lawsuits against abortionists). A couple of tightly limited circumstances under which abortion is allowed were in the civil-remedies law but not in the criminal-penalties law.

SB 834 synchronizes those circumstances in both laws.

The initiative-petition process plays to the strength of the abortion industry. They have unlimited funds for advertising, a willingness to distort, mislead, and deceive, and a sympathetic pro-abortion media. We must not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good, nor put at greater risk the lives of 95% of Oklahoma’s children for the purpose of retaining the current criminal law exactly as is – a position supported by only 4% of voters.

The law is a tool to achieve good which can be sustained. In a matter of raw democracy such as a constitutional amendment vote, we are totally dependent on “the consent of the governed.” We must recognize politics as the art of the possible and find enough common ground in fine-tuning the pro-life option for the voters on the constitutional amendment so that our pro-life voting coalition will prevail. SB 834 is the means of achieving that common ground. It would prohibit all but five percent of abortions and reflects a position which is supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters.

If we lose the vote on the pro-abortion constitutional amendment, we won’t be losing it for ourselves; we will be losing it – losing everything – for the unborn children of Oklahoma. No unborn child in our state will have a right to life under the constitutional amendment that the abortion industry will propose. That’s the pro-abortion option.

 Will the pro-life option be one that is supported by 4% of Oklahoma voters, or one that is supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters? That explains why SB 834 is absolutely essential. Please send one email to and ask Senators to Support SB 834.

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