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Oklahomans for Life: URGENT: Email Senate & House to Pass SB 834

by | Mar 20, 2023

Last Chance This Week to Build Firewall Against Unlimited Abortion on Demand in Oklahoma

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

This is deadline week for Senate bills to pass the Senate, and the Oklahoma Senate and House of Representatives still have not acted to pass SB 834, which is essential for strengthening Oklahoma’s ability to defeat the abortion industry’s constitutional amendment imposing unlimited abortion on our state.

Please send an email to and a second email to urging Support for SB 834. Your two emails could be identical, and brief. Please send even if you have done so previously.

 Senate and House Leadership try to reach agreement on big issues before moving forward. That still has not happened with SB 834. Thus, the urgent need to contact both Senators and House members with emails of Support for SB 834. The goal is to provide sustainable, long-term protection for Oklahoma’s unborn children.

Abortion supporters are 6-0 in statewide votes since Roe v. Wade was overturned last June: six pro-abortion victories, zero pro-abortion defeats. Several pro-abortion wins were in conservative states: Kansas, Kentucky, Montana… In Kansas, abortion supporters spent 21 million dollars in winning by 18 percentage points. In Michigan, the abortion industry spent 47 million dollars, and won by 13 points.

A new poll reveals sobering truths about Oklahoma voters’ attitudes regarding abortion. Our criminal law, passed last year by courageous pro-life legislators, reflects a position (abortion prohibited except to save a mother’s life) which is supported by just four percent (4%) of Oklahoma voters. SB 834, which would prohibit all but five percent of abortions, reflects a pro-life position enacted last year in Oklahoma’s civil abortion law, which includes incest of a minor reported to law enforcement and rape reported to law enforcement, and is supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters.

Those thinking SB 834 is not pro-life “enough” are thinking short-term rather than reckoning with the reality of pro-abortion momentum since Roe v Wade was overturned last June, the abortion industry’s advantages in money and media bias, and the initiative-petition process in our state – which leave us totally dependent on “the consent of the governed,” raw democracy, in defending a position supported by only 4% of voters.

We have two choices:

modify our law to fortify our state against the pro-abortion onslaught that is coming by enacting SB 834, which would prohibit 95% of all abortions and represents a pro-life position that is supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters; or

take the short-term approach, feel good for the next 12 months about having a great pro-life law (which represents a position supported by only FOUR percent (4%) of Oklahoma voters), and then lose the right to life for ALL unborn children in Oklahoma when a constitutional amendment is adopted next year bringing unlimited, unrestricted abortion on demand to our state.

No unborn child in Oklahoma will have a right to life under the constitutional amendment that the abortion industry will propose. That’s the pro-abortion option.

Will the pro-life option be one that is supported by 4% of Oklahoma voters, or one that is supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters? That’s what’s at stake. That’s why SB 834 is absolutely essential.

Please send an email to and a second email to urging Support for SB 834.

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