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The Power of Dad Jokes: Study Shows Corny Puns Help Kids’ Development

by | Mar 23, 2023

By Kim Schwartz, Texas Right to Life

According to a recent study, dad jokes, despite their potential to cause embarrassment, may have a positive impact on children’s development.

Marc Hye-Knudsen, a humor researcher, published an article in the journal of the British Psychological Society, arguing that dad jokes are a complex and intriguing phenomenon that sheds light on not only humor and joke-telling but also fathers’ psychology and their connections with their kids.

Dad jokes are often cringe-worthy puns that are wholesome and age-appropriate. However, they are often regarded as foolish, uninteresting, and unfunny, which is what makes them so susceptible to ridicule.

Hye-Knudsen believes that when fathers embarrass their children with unfunny jokes, it teaches them how to handle awkward situations. By continuously telling their children jokes that are so bad that they cause embarrassment, fathers may help their children to develop resilience to awkwardness.

They demonstrate to their children that feeling embarrassed is not fatal.

The research concludes by encouraging fathers to continue assisting in their children’s development by telling embarrassing jokes.

“You’re partaking in a long and proud tradition, and your embarrassingly awful jokes may even do them some good,” the paper concludes. “Keep repeating the same old stale puns, year-in and year-out.”

Something as small as dad jokes impacting kids’ lives shows how important a father’s presence is.

Research indicates that children who grow up with involved fathers tend to have better social, emotional, and academic outcomes. According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, children with involved fathers are 43% more likely to earn mostly A’s in school and 47% less likely to end up in poverty.

In addition, fathers’ presence in the family has also been linked to better mental and physical health outcomes for mothers, such as lower rates of depression and stress.

For fathers themselves, being an involved parent can lead to improved self-esteem, better mental health, and a stronger sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Dads make a difference. Abortion advocates often ignore, belittle, and demonize fatherhood, but even this silly example shows the irreplaceable role of men who love and care for their children.

Follow the science: Tell more dad jokes!

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