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Washington Post laments “Here’s how they’re restricting abortion”

by | Mar 9, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

You can always tell we are making serious headway in the states when you read stories headlined “It’s state legislating time. Here’s how they’re restricting abortion” in abortion-loving publications such as the Washington Post.

Rachel Roubein produced an “analysis” which focuses on two tracks.  On track #1 she summarizes some but by no means all of the states promoting pro-life legislation: Wyoming, Nebraska, Florida, North Carolina, and Utah.

On track #2 she deals briefly with courts, most particularly a judge in Texas who “is expected to soon rule on a case seeking to revoke U.S. government approval of mifepristone, a key abortion pill.”

In some states it’s just a matter of time; for example, Utah, where the governor is widely expected to sign a bill on his desk. In other cases, such as North Carolina, the margin between victory and defeat is the single vote needed to override a veto from governor Roy Cooper.

Roubein writes

The state has a Democratic governor, but if they win over just one House Democrat, they’ll likely have the votes to replace the state’s current 20-week limit.

In Utah, as NRL News Today reported on March 6, HB 467 passed out of the Senate last Thursday and the House of Representatives on Friday.

“The newly passed law would require all abortion procedures, whether through surgery or medication, to be performed by Cami Mondeaux reported. “The legislation would also discontinue abortion clinic licensing for new centers after May 2 and block clinics from operating once their current licenses expire.”

We will keep you update on a day-by-day basis, including states determined to spread the abortion disease,

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