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by | Apr 17, 2023

By Georgia Life Alliance

You read that right! Brand new data from abortion providers has revealed that, in the time since Roe v. Wade was overturned and Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill went into effect, abortions have plummeted in Georgia. That’s 10,930 babies in Georgia alone who will see their first birthday – states with abortion bans have seen an overall 96% drop in abortions!

And that’s not all! Abortionists who use virtual-only clinics to prescribe abortion pills saw a 98% drop in abortion-seeking women from Georgia! In fact, Georgia had the largest decrease in virtual-only abortion pill prescriptions in the nation while the national average has increased.

This only goes to show that ABORTION RESTRICTIONS WORK. The Heartbeat Bill, written by our legislative team, has CRUSHED THE ABORTION INDUSTRY. And around the nation, BABIES ARE BEING SAVED.

Data: #WeCount/Society of Family Planning; Map: Jacque Schrag/Axios

Abortion clinics are closing, online chemical abortion peddlers are shutting down, and the abortion industry has even lost their lobbyists at the State Capitol. As we eagerly await the Georgia Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold out Heartbeat Bill, there is MUCH cause to celebrate and praise God!


Q&A With GLA – The TRUTH About Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill

The abortion industry is on the ropes, we can’t stop now.

As we approach the 2024 elections, we are going to see hundreds of millions of dollars from out of state pour into Georgia. Each dollar being spent by our opposition will be used to elect lawmakers, judges, county commissioners, city council members, and school board members who will undermine and subvert pro-life laws, parents’ rights, and resources that support women choosing life.

We must also remember that as abortions continue to decline, pregnant and new moms will continue to need support and access to quality, compassionate care. The medically fragile and differently-abled will continue to need defenders willing to fight for them. And some children now born thanks to the Heartbeat Bill will continue to need loving homes. GLA envisions a culture of Life in Georgia that will set the standard for the entire Nation. A culture committed to equipping women in crisis with the support, resources, and help they need to step into motherhood with joy and confidence.

When GLA’s team wrote and worked to pass the Heartbeat Bill, we knew it was only the beginning of our work.

Georgia would not have a Heartbeat bill if it weren’t for supporters like YOU. YOU committed to praying bold prayers. YOU got out and voted for pro-life lawmakers, made calls, sent letters, and showed up at the Capitol to take a STAND for Life. There are many who claim to be able to fight this battle alone; but GLA knows that these victories are only won with YOUR help and God’s favor. When God’s people answer His call, mighty things happen!

That’s why we’re asking you to renew your partnership with us as we continue the fight forward to build on these victories. Only with your help can we build a truly pro-life culture in a post-Roe world and see abortions drop to 0 in Georgia.

Together for life,

Team GLA

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