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Nebraska Heartbeat Act

by | Apr 21, 2023

By Sandy Danek, Executive Director, Nebraska Right to Life

Pro-Life Advocates,

Speaker Arch announced today (Thursday): the Nebraska Heartbeat Act is scheduled for its second round of debate next Thursday, April 27th. Now is the time to encourage your senator to support LB 626 in its original form, which would protect preborn babies when a heartbeat is detected.

Once again, we predict that every vote will count.

During the first round of debate, the Nebraska Heartbeat Act advanced with the required 33 votes to overcome a filibuster. We need every Senator to maintain their support of the bill. If your Senator voted for LB 626, please be sure to thank them in addition to encouraging support of the original bill.

See how your Senator voted in the first round.

We ask that you continue praying for this bill and all of our State Senators as they fight to protect the lives of over 2,000 babies each year. Let your Senator know you choose life. Here in Nebraska, we are closer than ever to recognizing that a heartbeat is a universal sign of life.

For Life.

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