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New Abortion Facility Sets Goal to Kill 75 Babies Per Week

by | Apr 5, 2023

By Samantha Farnsworth, Texas Right to Life

Roe v. Wade is overturned, but the abortion industry is bolder than ever, and they are not trying to hide their true intentions. A new abortion facility has created and publicized a disturbing goal of killing 75 babies a week.

Thanks to the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, elective abortion is completely illegal in Texas. While some abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood have stayed open and become “abortion travel agencies” to send pregnant women out of state, other abortion businesses thankfully closed their doors in Texas.

Whole Woman’s Health is an abortion chain that had four locations in our state. Now, they moved their operations to New Mexico, as close to the Texas border as possible. 

Pro-Life activists successfully shut down the company’s initial efforts to purchase a building in a town on the Texas-New Mexico border, which would have been used to specifically target Texans coming across the border to obtain an abortion. When that did not work out, Whole Woman’s Health opted to open a facility in the larger, more abortion-friendly city of Albuquerque. That facility opened its doors in mid-March.

This new abortion facility has an openly-stated quota of committing 75 abortions every week as their “starting goal.” The facility will abort babies up to 18 weeks of gestation, with plans to expand to killing 24-week-old babies in the near future.

If it was not obvious already from the anti-Life efforts over the past several years, the days of “safe, legal, and rare” are long gone. Rather than minimizing the number of abortions, they are now creating goals to kill even more babies. 

This move solidifies the abortion chain’s mission of being “pro-abortion, not pro-choice.” They even call abortion “a moral and social good.” Vulnerable women who are on the fence will likely be coerced into getting an abortion, especially if the abortionists need to make their sales quota. 

If Whole Woman’s Health truly cared about being compassionate toward women, the company would not lie by telling them that abortion is good and necessary. They would help women succeed while having their babies and succeed as parents or work through an adoption plan, not setting a dead baby goal. But it all makes sense when you look at the numbers — the 75-abortion quota will make the company at least $3 million in a year, just at this one of their six locations.

Abortion harms women and ends the lives of children. Whole Woman’s Health knows this, but they also know that there is a lot of money to be made by lying to women and the masses about what abortion really is. 

Texans can see right through the intentions of Whole Woman’s Health. We have prohibited elective abortion in our state, but we don’t want to just be anti-abortion. This is why Texas Right to Life is working to build a truly Pro-Life State this legislative session. We want Texas women and families to flourish and not feel pressured to travel to Albuquerque to obtain an abortion. We must continue to make Pro-Life alternatives to abortion available across the state to prevent abortion businesses.

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