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Pro-choice women who have miscarried are outraged by The Guardian

by | Apr 12, 2023

By Monica Snyder, Secular Pro-Life

In the Guardian’s notorious article “What a pregnancy actually looks like before 10 weeks – in pictures,” Senior Staff writer Poppy Noor implied that images of decidua and pulverized embryos after an abortion (and, for some reason, after being rinsed of all blood) were what a “pregnancy” looks like before 10 weeks. She further suggested that these images were a better representation of reality than the familiar images of embryos from week-by-week pregnancy websites or even from embryology textbooks.

We detailed the deception of the Guardian article here: Guardian article “What a pregnancy actually looks like” erases embryos.

But it wasn’t only people who oppose abortion who were disgusted by the article’s dishonesty. Many pro-choice women who have firsthand experience of pregnancy and especially of miscarriage were also outraged. Examples here:

The pro-choice worldview thrives on misinformation about biology. This is why abortion activists try so hard to convince people that embryos don’t have hearts or that embryologists aren’t sure when the human life cycle begins. But no matter what euphemisms, obfuscation, or outright lies they use, abortion supporters cannot stop people from experiencing pregnancy firsthand — and reality doesn’t care about the pro-choice political agenda.

Read from people who use to be pro-choice on why they changed their minds: Becoming Pro-Life.

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