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The Hallmark of the Pro-Life Movement is LOVE

by | Apr 19, 2023

By Dale Bartscher, Executive Director, South Dakota Right to Life

….Love for the mother, for the baby, for the father. This love extends to the mother who has lost her child to abortion and who continues to grieve because of it. South Dakota Right to Life is a part of a community of people/groups who exists to walk beside the mother in her profound grief & empower her to live an abundant life.

 The road to abortion is filled with a trail of tears. It is only through recognition of that fact that healing can begin.

…We come under God’s teaching that each human being is valuable.

We know the infinite worth of the unborn, the inherent beauty of each mother; the importance of every father, and the value of the elderly soul. We work together in grace and truth to save and change lives …because each life is valuable to God…

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