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With a baby’s birth, love grows while each abortion diminishes the amount of love in our society

by | Apr 6, 2023

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It was always the saddest day of my year—Good Friday at the abortion center in my hometown.

On the day that Christians recognize the death of Jesus Christ, car after car would jam into the center’s parking lot, with the drivers and passengers seeking relief from their pain.

I would watch as courageous sidewalk advocates would approach mothers and fathers, offering kindness, compassionate assistance, and hope. Often the mothers would rush past in a desperate attempt to break free of their discomfort, not knowing that, after the deed was done, their problems would only multiply.

Abortion is a human rights issue—you can have no faith at all and still believe in the wrongness of the act. But for Christians, the sadness of Good Friday abortions can seem particularly brutal.

The abortion center becomes a kind of Calvary, with Jesus being killed multiple times an hour. Each abortion is a sign of hopelessness, and robs the world of a measure of love.

For each baby is a source of unconditional love for a mother and father. With a baby’s birth, love grows. Conversely, each abortion diminishes the amount of love in our society.

So, wherever you are this Good Friday, please take a moment to remember those children who will die in the desperate act of abortion. Call to mind their mothers and fathers, who are left to grieve their loss. And, if you are the praying kind, say a fervent prayer for the abortionists, that their hearts will be softened, their minds opened, and that they will turn away from an abhorrent practice that deprives our families of love.       

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