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Abortionist says becoming a mother helped her realize abortion ‘is an act of love’

by | May 26, 2023

Despite her advocacy for abortion, Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi unwittingly admits that the medical system discourages motherhood.

By Clare Marie Merkowsky

A Texas abortionist claimed that having her own child has made her a better abortionist, asserting that “choosing an abortion is an act of love.”

In a May 11 Mother’s Day post, Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi, an OB/GYN and abortionist, told readers of Glamour that becoming a mother made her more determined to provide abortion to women.

“I am often asked whether providing abortion care is hard as a mother — as if abortion somehow exists in a realm outside of motherhood,” she wrote.

“But motherhood is not an accidental or natural job; motherhood is a job done with intention,” Moayedi added.

“Holding my baby’s tiny hands in my own not only strengthened my commitment to providing compassionate abortion care but also exposed how I needed to commit to supporting mothers in all aspects of my care,” she continued.

Moayedi went on to lament that there is “no Mother’s Day card to celebrate abortion” while there are for other “actions that are seen as the core of how a mother expresses love for her children.”

Moayedi then seemingly contradicts herself and says women seeking abortions are not parents, writing, “For my patients who were not parents, and did not want to be at that moment, or who never want to be a parent, I recognize their abortions as an act of intentional motherhood.”

“Choosing when to parent is an act of love,” she claimed. “For my patients that were already parenting, I feel the deep love they had both for the children they had and for the pregnancies they were ending. Choosing an abortion is an act of love.”

Moayedi recounted a recent abortion she committed in which a mother of two young children came to her to have her third child aborted.

“As I finished the five-minute abortion procedure, we laughed about motherhood as her other child watched videos on my phone,” Moayedi said.

Despite asserting her determination to provide abortions, Moayedi revealed that, while she was pregnant during her second year of OB-GYN residency training, she “was surprised to find that having a baby as a female resident is strongly discouraged.”

“I immediately came under scrutiny from my superiors,” Moayedi remembered. “There were ‘jokes’ about forcing other residents to be on birth control to prevent spreading the disease.”

“I was determined not to show any weakness in my training as a result of my pregnancy, and continued to work 80-hour weeks, study, mentor, lead care teams, and work 24-hour call shifts until I’d reached 37 weeks,” she added.

“I assisted in a 12-hour robotic surgery at the beginning of my third trimester,” Moayedi continued. “I performed a Cesarean section the day before my own. Nothing was going to change.”

Unwittingly, Moayedi admitted the truth that the medical system does not encourage motherhood, and Moayedi herself felt that she had to work extra hours to prove herself worthy to be a mother and a doctor.

Despite this, Moayedi encourages and assists other mothers to end the lives of their unborn children instead of helping them to persevere and achieve their goals like she did.

“Choosing an abortion is an act of love,” Moayedi asserted, but she does not reveal who abortion is loving. It is certainly not the child, whose innocent life is abruptly and violently terminated.

Andrea Trudden, vice president of communications and marketing for Heartbeat International, told LifeSiteNews, ”It is not surprising that an abortion advocate and provider would sell the statement ‘Choosing an abortion is an act of love’ to young women.”

“She directly profits off this article and encouraging this mindset,” Trudden continued. “Her biography touts all that she does to advance abortion and how she ‘works to name, disrupt, and dismantle the systems of oppression in family planning care’ (meaning life-affirming efforts).”

According to Trudden, Moayed “knows and acknowledges the joy that comes with motherhood yet, rather than explore those options with the mothers before an abortion is performed, she brags about how she spends extra time with these women during their postpartum visits.”

Trudden cited a recent study by CLI showing 60% of women seeking an abortion would have preferred to give birth but were lacking emotional support or financial security.

“And this is why pregnancy help organizations exist — to ask these questions and provide free care and support to women in communities across the nation,” Trudden declared.

“This is why so many mothers continue their relationship with the centers for months, if not years,” she added. “They receive true care for their families.”

“How many of Ghazal Moayedi’s patients would have chosen life for their little ones had she simply asked them the psychosocial questions she so proudly asked after the abortion?” Trudden questioned.

“Imagine if rather than encouraging their abortion choice, she encouraged a life choice,” she pondered. “It isn’t as profitable, but it is more rewarding.”

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