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Deadlines coming – help us kill the deadly bills

by | May 17, 2023

May 17, 2023 • Day 101/120 82nd Session of the Nevada Legislature


The next three weeks will be crazy as deadlines are looming with the biggest and most important, SINE DIE, when everything either passes or dies, a mere 18 days away. Friday is the deadline for getting non-exempt bills out of their second house committee. Many will die on that day. My hope is SB239 – Assisted Suicide – will die on that day. My apologies for the number of frantic alerts you will be likely receiving.



Today at noon, the Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee will vote on SB131, the abortion trafficker protection bill. Idaho recently passed a law that criminalizes abortion trafficking, the transportation of teenage girls to another state for a secret abortion without their parents’ knowledge or consent avoiding Idaho’s parental notification law. SB131 seeks to make Nevada an Abortion Trafficking hot spot by prohibiting NV law enforcement from cooperating with investigations of a crime that doesn’t exist in Nevada. SB131 will side with predators over8 days parents and abortionists over women. TEXT OF BILL. Please contact the Assembly members below and kindly ask them to oppose SB131.

Last week, SJR7 was voted out of committee on a party line vote (3-2). Please thank Senator Heidi Seevers Gansert ( for her articulate questions and opposition to the bill. Please thank Senator Lisa Krasner ( for her opposition to the bill. SJR7 is a resolution that begins the process to amend the state constitution to establish abortion and other reproductive freedoms as a fundamental right at the level of free speech and religious freedom. It is poorly written, over broad and is political payback to the abortion industry. Please register your opinion on the opinion poll as described in the Action section below.

If it passes this session (odds are it will), it must be approved next legislative session and then it goes to a vote of the people on the 2026 general ballot. Here is a link to the text. Here is a link to the committee hearing (all 4.5 hours of it).


SB239, the assisted suicide bill, is awaiting a vote out of committee (ASMHHS). SB239 will allow doctors and nurse practitioners to prescribe death prescriptions. They will be able to do so without having established a relationship with the patient. The patient has no residency requirement or screening for depression or mental health. SB 239 requires only one witness, increasing the possibility for abuse and coercion. Assisted suicide threatens the most vulnerable among us. We have seen in California and Oregon that insurance companies see assisted suicide as a cheaper standard of care than ongoing life extending treatments. Please call and email assembly members below and tell them vote no on SB239 or better yet, KILL IT. TEXT OF BILL


In the table below you can see some of the most important bills we are tracking. We need your help. Please take a moment to click on each bill to give your opinion in the legislative poll. The link will take you to the overview page for the bill. At the bottom of the page, on the left, is a link to “submit opinion or view opinion stats.” Click there to enter your opinion. You will need to register once to give opinions and each opinion you will be asked for your address. This enables your representatives to hear directly from you. These few moments, help us influence legislators.

On the overview page, you can view all action taken, upcoming meetings, and even view previous meetings. Along the top of the overview page, you will see a series of tabs. The second tab is text, and it allows you to view the actual text of the bill. The last tab, Exhibits, will have any information (including unapproved amendments) and written testimony. Spend some time exploring these tabs if you would like to find out more.

SB131 — Oppose — Abortion Trafficker Protection Bill

SB239 — Oppose — Physician Assisted Suicide

SJR7 — Oppose — Amendment to Nevada Constitution protecting abortion and repro-rights. It has passed, but lets run up the score to impact next legislature.

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