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Father “heartbroken” after girlfriend aborts their unborn baby

by | May 1, 2023

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

A man in his early 30s has written to the Mirror’s Coleen Nolan about his heartbreak after his girlfriend aborted their unborn baby. “I feel broken on every level.”

The man, who remains anonymous, writes that “I’ve never felt this lost and heartbroken before”.

He told The Mirror that his girlfriend “discovered she was pregnant and decided she didn’t want to keep the baby… She didn’t feel ready to have a baby and didn’t know whether she’d ever be ready…

“Of course I accept it’s her body and her decision, but she didn’t even want to discuss the baby or hear my point of view. Her mind was made up from the start.”

His girlfriend also broke up with him. He said: “I’m still in love with her and hoped we’d get married one day and have a family.” He has “gone from being in a relationship and a father-to-be to absolutely nothing”.

Despite conceding that the abortion means “the loss of a child”, Coleen Nolan, responding to the man’s letter, said: “It is her body and her decision, and if that’s what she wants, then you have to accept it.”

A SPUC spokesperson said: “This poor man lost his child to an abortion he didn’t want; and as Coleen Nolan admits, his child was, indeed, a child. Why, then, should any man have to accept the deliberate killing of his child?

“This is where we are as a society, where fathers have no choice and barely any support or sympathy in this regard. Many men have been conditioned to accept devastating abortions on the grounds of ‘her decision and her decision’.

“As well as killing an unborn child, abortion punishes good men who want to be fathers, while rewarding bad men who use women for their own pleasure without consequence.

“Men can also be the silent victims of abortion. It is commendable that this man spoke out about his heartbreak. This issue deserves much more attention.”

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