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From the toughest choices to incredible joy – APRN tops 4,500 lives saved

by | May 1, 2023

By Christa Brown

The number of lives saved by abortion pill reversal has grown ten-fold since Heartbeat International took over the Abortion Pill Rescue Network

Last September a young couple in Hawaii called the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) desperate for hope after taking the first abortion pill. After connecting them with emergency medical care, we received this message from the client’s husband: “The prayers and quick action by APR saved our baby. Strong heartbeat and lots of movement. We love you all for being there for us. Aloha and Mahalo.”

And then in April of 2023, we heard more great news! “Aloha APR team. Yesterday our baby girl was born 7 pounds 10 oz and 21” long.  She is perfect.” Like thousands of others, we rejoiced for them and with them!

Everyday thousands of women throughout the world begin a chemical abortion. Often succumbing to the pressures and opinions of others, they swallow an abortion pill with the hope it might fix all that’s wrong. But for many, there is an instantaneous flood of regret. We often hear an expression of love for their children – children they never meant to harm and the hardships that led them to the toughest decisions of their lives. 

The Abortion Pill Rescue Network has beacon of hope since 2012, when the founder of the APR Network, Dr. George Delgado, responded to the increasing need for reversal of mifepristone. The protocol was developed in response to women who wanted options for continuing their pregnancies—even after taking mifepristone. Realizing how quickly chemical abortion was expanding, his heart’s desire was to serve women worldwide 24 hours a day. This dream for the network became a reality when he contacted Heartbeat International in 2018. 

At that time, Delgado shared, “Abortion Pill Reversal has the potential to reach many more women and save many more lives. Our goal has always been to grow abortion pill reversal, and by the grace of God, we’ve found a partner in Heartbeat International. We know there are many more women who need this treatment when they change their minds, and we’re confident this transition will help more mothers find that help.”

Delgado, who continues to serve as an APRN Advisory Team Member, has since compared this moment to symbolic adoption. After working diligently to create the foundation for APRN, he passed the keys to Heartbeat International. He was trusting the work to continue in a greater way. And it has. 

At that time in 2018, an incredible 450 lives had been saved through the network. We celebrate every single one. Just five short years later, our data shows 4,500 lives saved…and counting… as more lives are saved every single day. The Lord has exponentially grown this robust network with a tenfold increase!

This incredible increase is the result of a labor of love by a team of nurses; more than 1300 healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals throughout the world; donors who generously give; and the many brave women who, despite overwhelming obstacles, choose life for their precious children. The APR Network has assisted women in 86 different countries and in every state in the U.S. We are available when the need arises with accurate information, support, hope, and local connections.

It’s not surprising that the APR protocol has had so much success—progesterone has been used to prevent miscarriage and preterm labor for the better part of the last century. Prescribed commonly in pregnancy, this natural hormone, the same as made by the mother’s body, safely and effectively reverses the effects of mifepristone. Simple but powerful. These children, each first counted among the abortion data with the millions of lives destroyed by chemical abortion, are instead alive and thriving thanks to this bioidentical progesterone. 

Ashley Vance, one of the Healthcare Team Managers who oversees the APR Network, said today, “These are more than just numbers; these are precious babies so wanted by women who made decisions immediately regretted.”

“4,500 times the APRN team has celebrated these children, Ashley continued, “Each and every life is celebrated not only by Heartbeat International, our amazing providers who offer this service, and the moms who call us each and every day, but by all of heaven who guides her to the APRN! Offering her the medical care and support she deserves is an amazing honor for all of those who serve in this rescue ministry. Until the glorious day of the very last abortion, we will stand strong in Christ’s love to ensure we can offer any woman, located anywhere and her beautiful unborn child a second chance at life!”

Despite the testimonies of thousands of women like Katelyn and this young woman in Colorado, there remains some blind prejudice against APR from those who wish to use political means to remove this option from women. 

Once the first abortion pill is swallowed, some believe that women must be forced to finish their abortions – abortions they no longer desire. Whichever side we stand on the abortion question, we should all agree on a mother’s right to choose against abortion. These “abortion cheerleaders,” fueled by Big Abortion, ignore that autonomy in healthcare means that patients have a right to make decisions about their own health care. It also indicates that decisions should be respected by health care providers.

Despite angry cries of opposition by Big Abortion, the discrimination waged against us by Big Tech, and the hateful rhetoric Big Media throws our way, we know that all women should have the option of continuing a pregnancy.

We have the joy of experiencing miracles every day. Whether it be women who come back to us to thank us for being a light in a very dark time, ultrasound images of a new life with a beating heart, a video of a child learning to walk, or a picture of child on his first day of school. Each of these children have value and are wanted by their families.

As each of these calls is answered and the pleas for help are heard time and time again, we know without any doubt the work is needed and appreciated by those in crisis. APRN is the network that provides a second chance at life and how blessed we are to do that! 

Editor’s note. This appeared at Pregnancy Help News and is reposted with permission.