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Herald Sun writer mocks women who “choose to get upset” over their abortions

by | May 19, 2023

By Sarah Terzo

Herald Sun (Australia) writer Evelyn Tsitas mocked women who grieve or suffer from guilt and regret after their abortions:

Abortion can be an emotional subject – particularly for people who choose to get upset about it. There is a movement taking hold called: “I’ll always regret what I did and want to burn in hell for it.”

“The power of the uterus,” the Herald Sun, March 18, 1998, p.19.

Despite pro-choice mockery of women who experience abortions and later come to regret them, many women have stepped forward to give their testimonies of how abortion hurt them. There are a few of these testimonies here. Organizations like Silent No More have compiled thousands of them.

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