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Infamous late-term abortionist: “To the fetus it makes no difference whether it’s born or not born”

by | May 10, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

Even though I been at this for a long time, it is still endlessly fascinating to me how the web can and does lead you from one item to another to another…

Today’s example is from Focus on the Family whose pro-life bona bides could never be doubted. FOTF President Jim Daly spoke at the Saturday night closing Banquet which concluded the 2022 National Right to Life Convention in glorious fashion.

Their latest article on “Abortion Ethics” was published on line yesterday by the Focus on the Family Advocacy Team. One section is titled “Opinion of Abortion Advocates” and leads with LeRoy Carhart who died less than two weeks ago on April 28.

The Focus Advocacy Team focused on a BBC interview Carhart gave a while back to Hilary Andersson []. Carhart was infamous for performing late, late, late abortions.

There were a number of pregnant pauses. Although she is obviously pro-abortion, Andersson was stopped in her tracks more than once by Carhart’s callous responses.

She tried to pin him down: what’s the outer limit?
“38 weeks, 39 weeks?

“I don’t know.”

“You’re not comfortable saying?

“No, I, not going to say.  [Pause.]

“To the fetus it makes no difference whether it’s  born or not born.”

Andersson goes silent. She is waiting for a follow up to an amazing statement.

“The baby has no input in this as far as I’m concerned.”

That evokes this observation from Andersson:

“But it’s interesting that you use the word ‘baby’ because a lot of abortionists won’t use that, they use the word ‘fetus’ because they don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a life.”

Carhart interrupts: “I think that it is a baby and I use it with our patients.”

“And you don’t have a problem killing a baby?”

“I have no problem [nervous laughter] if it is in the mother’s uterus.”

As they move from his office to where Carhart aborts his “patients,” Andersson says Carhart is “strikingly matter of fact about the medical procedure too.”

First he says he gives the fetus/baby a lethal injection. Then he points to a drawer full of instruments–large stainless steel forceps, big enough to extract large babies from their mother’s womb.

“These are the forceps that grasp the part of the fetus and to crush it and bring it out.”

Andersson quotes the governor of Mississippi who she had interviewed before coming to Carhart. She says he talked about how “skulls get crushed.”

“You have to remember the baby’s been dead for 48 hours.” [Pause].

“lt’s not like we’re crushing a living skull.”

They end their discussion with the usual usual—about how pro-lifers want to “push women back into the dark ages,” “turn back the clock,” etc., etc., etc.

“And that was that,” Jonathan Van Maren writes. “The BBC had sent a journalist to America to discover what the debate was all about, and LeRoy Carhart was willing to be up front about it: Babies being executed in the womb by lethal injection, their skulls getting crushed, and then their tiny corpses being ripped from the womb of their mothers, piece by bloody piece.”

Not journalism finest hour.

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