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Louisiana Committee Defers Two Pro-Abortion Bills: Rep. DuBuisson’s Bill Would Have Have Legalized Abortion Up to Nearly 6 Months

by | May 16, 2023

Baton Rouge, LA – Today, two pro-abortion bills, HB 461 and HB 598, were deferred by the Louisiana Criminal Justice Committee.

Sarah Zagorski, Communications Director for Louisiana Right to Life, said the following about HB 598: “Louisiana law currently provides ample discretion to doctors to care for women facing miscarriages, medical emergencies, ectopic pregnancies, molar pregnancies, and more.”

She added: “Doctors in Louisiana can care for women and babies under Louisiana law. Many of the statements made by proponents of HB 598 were false and misleading. HB 598 was unnecessary and was appropriately deferred by the House committee.”

Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life, Benjamin Clapper, commented on HB 461. He said, “Throughout this session, we were concerned that Rep. DuBuisson’s HB 461 was vague, undefined, and could lead to abortion up to when the unborn baby is 23 weeks old in the womb. However, our concerns were confirmed by Rep DuBussion’s amendment that was filed today in the Criminal Justice Committee.

Clapper concluded,

Regardless of stated intentions, the words in Rep. DuBussion’s amendment would make it clear that her legislation, if passed, would have legalized elective abortion up to 23 weeks gestation. We are disappointed that Rep. DuBuisson would present legislation on behalf of abortion attorneys to legalize elective abortions, including those that end the life of unborn babies who can feel pain. We are grateful that the Criminal Justice Committee deferred this dangerous pro-abortion bill.”

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