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May issue of National Right to Life News has arrived in your in-box

by | May 5, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

Best day of the month for the editor (which happens to be me). The May issue of NRL News, which is loaded with great content, arrived in your in-box this morning.

I’d like you to peruse the edition, so this will be brief.

Not sure I’ve ever highlighted the cover before but, in this case, it’s absolutely beautiful. And, of course, the theme of the cover is the inestimable importance of mothers.

Starting from page one, Jennifer Popik, JD, our director of Federal Legislation, brings you up to date on the latest outlandish behavior by the pro-abortion Biden administration. Never mind that for 31 years the Veterans Affairs has been statutorily prohibited from using

taxpayer dollars for abortion. Biden and his minions simply disregarded this prohibition and issued a new rule that includes funding abortion for “health” reason. To their credit, led by Senator Tom Tuberville, Republicans have fought back.

Also on page one David N. O’Steen dissects the weaknesses of the “consensus” approach taken by some elements of the pro-life movement not connected to NRLC who seeks support for a 12-to-15-week abortion ban or for a national minimum standard. It’s must reading.

The May issue is loaded with news about the latest  federal and state legislation; an examination of President Biden’s quest for a second term; a brilliant explanation of everything in Planned Parenthood’s latest Annual Report;  and the wonderful results in Montana where pro-life Gov. Greg Gianforte signed five pro-bills—and vowed to sign another five bills when they arrive on his desk.

This 42-edition has something for everyone. We’ll explore the contents of the May issue of NRL News further next week.

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