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“Musical comedy” at Princeton plows the depths to which pro-abortionist will go to make light of aborting helpless babies

by | May 25, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

I was going to lead this story off with a familiar lament—that you can’t make this stuff up—until I realized that the “musical comedy”– ‘To All the Babies I’ve Killed Before: A Love/Hate Letter to Storytelling” —was being performed at the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University.

Under its “Mission Statement,” we read, “Like scholarship of any kind, rigorous artistic practice is a way of interrogating that which is accepted or understood in an attempt to break into the territory of the unknown or under-explored.”

If tastelessness qualifies as “scholarship,” Princeton senior Jenni Lawson, who wrote the production, deserves a Ph.D.

The Center is, to put it mildly, pro-abortion to the core and students get their jollies by saying (and performing) the most outrageous things.

Campus Reform cued the outside world into what was going on with a story written by Travis Morgan. “To All the Babies I’ve Killed Before: A Love/Hate Letter to Storytelling,” was performed April 21-22. (I assume the title is a tawdry take off on the 1984 song sung by Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson song “To All the Girls I loved before.”)

To give you an idea of what parents getting for the $74,150 a year they are shelling out, Morgan tells us

A separate event page for the performance states that it explores “conventional theater-writing and theater-making processes through an intersectional lens of femininity, queerness, and neurodivergence, while drawing upon influences from sketch comedy, stand-up, improv, and more.”

Of course, nothing is more logical (as if any this gobbledygook can be described as logical) than an advertisement for their good buddies at the largest “abortion provider” in the U.S.:

The program then goes as far as advertising for Planned Parenthood, advising show-goers to “[v]isit the Planned Parenthood website to learn more about reproductive healthcare resources in our local community and/or to donate to Planned Parenthood of Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey.”

But, Morgan writes, “The program also contains a content warning for its prospective viewers.

“This production includes references to abortion, references to body dysmorphia and eating disorders, vehicular assault, references to and depictions of physical assault, and gunshot sounds.”

 Micaiah Bilger reminds us of the dismal response when pro-abortions try to make a joke out of slaughtering unborn children:

Other artists have tried to create comedy films and plays about abortion. But they always flop because most people, including some who support legalized abortion, realize that aborting an unborn baby is no laughing matter.

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