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Nebraska Right to Life Applauds Governor Pillen for signing LB574

by | May 22, 2023

By Nebraska Right to Life

All 33 senators joined in the signing of LB574

Nebraska Right to Life was honored to be present with Governor Jim Pillen today when signing LB574 into law. Joined by the elected officials who courageously worked to pass this protective measure, the “Let Them Grow Act,” with Amendment 1658, the “Preborn Child Protection Act,” is a statement of dignity and value for life in Nebraska. The law prevents most elective abortions after 12 weeks gestation and goes into effect immediately. The provision allows for exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother.

“The leadership shown by Governor Pillen led us to the place where we can now witness further safeguards for children in the womb,” Executive Director Sandy Danek said. “Senators Kauth, Albrecht and Hansen’s persistent courage when encountering the challenges put before them has been a gift to Nebraska and supports the values we all hold most dear,” she said.

Members of the coalition that worked together to pass LB574

“Over the weekend, when thinking about this accomplishment, I was reminded of something Mother Teresa of Calcutta said when a reporter asked her during the AIDS epidemic, ‘Mother, will we ever find a cure for AIDS?’ Her answer:‘ The one who would have given us a cure has been aborted,’” Danek recalled. This profound statement highlights how every life has great meaning and purpose.

“While this law does not go as far as any of us would have wanted, the lives it saves have an impact on Nebraska families and creates the possibility for life-affirming alternatives,” Danek said. The Nebraska Heartbeat Act, which would have banned abortions at approximately 6 weeks gestation, failed to break a filibuster by one vote: 32-15-2 on April 27.

After signing LB574, Governor Pillen pledged to continue working diligently until every preborn life is cherished and preserved. Likewise, Nebraska Right to Life remains committed, as we have for more than 50 years, to work for further protections for all Nebraska preborn babies.

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