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Oklahomans For Life – Legislative Alert

by | May 22, 2023

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman

Tony Lauinger Vice President of National Right to Life and State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

One Last Chance to Defend Unborn Child Against Unlimited Abortion on Demand in Oklahoma;

URGENT: Email Senate & House to Pass SB 368

Due to the heroic efforts of Senator Julie Daniels, we have one last chance to fortify Oklahoma’s ability to defeat the abortion industry’s constitutional amendment imposing unlimited abortion on demand on our state. Please send an email to and a second email to urging SUPPORT for SB 368. Your two emails could be identical, and brief. Please send even if you have done so previously.

This essential pro-life legislation, which did not get approved earlier in the session, has been revised and inserted in a different bill. The new bill, SB 368, must pass both chambers of the legislature this week, before adjournment Friday. It is urgent to contact Senators and House members with emails of Support for SB 368.

The goal is to provide permanent protection for future generations of Oklahoma children.

Two ominous developments have occurred in recent weeks. The Oklahoma Supreme Court showed its hostility to unborn children by striking down a pro-life law enacted last year, and Wisconsin became the latest state in which the abortion industry won a statewide election that centered on abortion. Pro-abortion forces are now 7-0 in statewide votes since Roe v. Wade was overturned last June: seven pro-abortion victories, zero pro-abortion defeats.

A poll of Oklahoma voters’ attitudes about abortion shows our current criminal law, abortion prohibited except to save a mother’s life, is supported by just four percent (4%) of Oklahoma voters. SB 368, which would prohibit ninety-five percent (95%) of all abortions, reflects a pro-life position enacted last year in Oklahoma’s civil abortion law, which includes rape reported to law enforcement and incest of a minor reported to law enforcement, and is supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters.

Those thinking SB 368 is not pro-life “enough” are thinking short-term rather than recognizing the reality of pro-abortion momentum since Roe v Wade was overturned last June. The abortion industry has huge advantages in money and pro-abortion media bias, and the initiative-petition process in our state leaves us totally dependent on “the consent of the governed,” raw democracy, in defending a position supported by only 4% of voters.

We have two choices:

  1. modify our current law to fortify our state against the pro-abortion onslaught that is coming by enacting SB 368 which would prohibit 95% of all abortions and represents a pro-life position supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters; or
  2. take the short-term approach, refuse to act, and then lose the right to life for ALL unborn children in Oklahoma when the constitutional amendment is adopted next year bringing unlimited, unrestricted abortion on demand to our state.

No unborn child in Oklahoma will have a right to life under the constitutional amendment the abortion industry will propose. That’s the pro-abortion option.

Will the pro-life option be one that is supported by 4% of Oklahoma voters, or one that is supported by 71% of Oklahoma voters? That is what’s at stake. That is why SB 368 is absolutely essential.

Please send an email to and a second email to urging SUPPORT for SB 368.

Thank you.

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