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“Patrons for Life” a great way to help NRL Convention 2023

by | May 23, 2023

Donations can be made online or mailed in

By Dave Andrusko

My wife is the editor of the annual NRLC Yearbook, which is distributed to everyone who attends the convention, so naturally I am keenly aware that preparations are rapidly coming together for the National Right to Life 2023 Convention, the Movement’s premier two-day educational conference. As you might imagine, a conference that brings in speakers and conference-goers from around the nation is a monumental project that takes at least a year to bring together. But believe it or not, if you’re not careful, June 23 – 24 will kind of sneak up on you.

Question: have you perused the list of speakers? (See Have you taken that all-important next step: registered? (See here).

Join us in celebrating the very first anniversary of the demise of Roe v Wade. Imagine being in a room filled with active pro-lifers on that anniversary and hearing from the best speakers this movement has to offer. 

If you don’t come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you’ll miss hearing and learning from a growing roster of superb speakers. For example, there’s Erik Rosales, our Prayer Breakfast speaker this year! Erik is the Capitol Hill Reporter for EWTN and he has a wonderful message to share.

Then there is Seth Dillon, the founder and CEO of the Babylon Bee for our closing banquet. This is his first time with us and we cannot wait to hear his message! He is passionately pro-life and the Babylon Bee ridicules the abortion mentality with irony and gentle sarcasm.

In addition, you’ll hear Wesley J. Smith, J.D. from the Discovery Institute and Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition team up to present the session, “Assisted Suicide: It’s Worse Than you Ever Imagined!” Both are excellent writers and speakers. Wesley is a mainstay of NRL Convention and Alex will make his first appearance.

We have a session featuring Amy Ford, Co-Founder and President of Embrace Grace, and Benjamin Watson, Super Bowl Champion, believer, husband, father, pro-life and justice advocate. There is a session on Abortion Survivors that will bring home the reality of abortion in a particularly powerful way. And this is just the major sessions!

With all this and much more waiting for you June 23-24, we are asking a special favor. Could you help NRLC by defraying a portion of the expenses of putting on a two-day convention and flying and housing experts from around the nation?

Every attendee to NRLC 2023 will receive a specially-made yearbook, a year-round educational resource. Could you become a “Patron for Life”? 

If there is someone you’d like to honor, any name you choose can be listed as “in memory of” or “in honor of” and will appear in the Convention Yearbook. You can become a patron here.

It is a great way of expressing your gratitude.

There are options for every budget. Whether you can contribute $1,000 (“Titanium”) or $10 (“Angel”), every Patron for Life will help us pay for the pro-life educational event of the year.

 You can just click here and the different tiers for becoming a Patron for Life will appear. You can choose an option, fill out the online form, and either pay online, or select the pay by check option to mail in your check by May 25.

Your assistance would be extremely helpful to us and the unborn babies whose lives we all are fighting to save.

Please consider helping out the convention by making a check out to NRLC 2023 or by going online and paying using your credit card.

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