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PBS Ignores Own Poll Showing 62% of Voters Worried About Biden’s Mental Fitness

by | May 24, 2023

By Kevin Tober

A brand new poll conducted by NPR/PBS Tuesday shows a “significant majority of Americans say they believe President Biden’s mental fitness is a real concern they have about his ability to be president,” according to NPR’s writeup of the poll’s findings. Despite this, PBS NewsHour ignored their own poll during their Tuesday evening broadcast. It was also ignored by the “big three” evening newscasts as well. 

Instead of reporting on their own poll showing six in ten Americans have real concerns about Biden’s ability to do his job because of his apparent lack of mental fitness, PBS NewsHour decided a segment on the alleged importance of recruiting black teachers to teach black students was more important than reporting on their own poll that had inconvenient results for their ally in the White House. 

Meanwhile the three evening broadcast networks wasted their viewers’ time on local weather reports (ABC & CBS) and the news about how Netflix is planning on cracking down on password sharing (NBC). 

Respondents to the poll that PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC ignored said they were worried about Biden’s mental fitness to carry out his duties as President and “said so by a 62%-to-36% margin, rather than dismissing it as simply being a campaign strategy used by his opponents,” NPR wrote. 

“Biden did, however, actually see a slight increase in his approval rating to 45%, up 4 points from last month. That indicates there will likely be a significant number of people who believe there are serious concerns about Biden’s mental fitness but will vote for him anyway,” NPR added. 

As you dig further into the crosstabs of the poll, you understand why the evening news networks ignored it:

Almost 4 in 10 Democrats said his mental fitness was a real concern as did 7 in 10 independents and, as expected, more than 8 in 10 Republicans. Several key Democratic and swing groups saw Biden’s mental fitness as a real concern, including those 45 or younger (69%), GenZ/Millennials (67%), men (66%), those without college degrees (66%), non-whites (64%) and those who live in the suburbs (63%), for example.

Forty percent of Democrats and seventy percent of Democrats are disastrous numbers for the Biden campaign. As their propaganda arm in the media, PBS, ABC, CBS & NBC did their best to shield this information from their audience.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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