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Pope Francis applauds scientists for “listening” to unborn voices, affirming the “wonder” of life

by | May 25, 2023

Pope Francis has affirmed “the wonder and joy” of being born in his preface to a new book by scientists exploring the “‘miracle’ that is life”.

By SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Pope Francis has written a preface for a book, Il miracolo della vita (The Miracle of Life), a work examining the subject from a scientific and ultimately pro-life point of view, seeking dialogue with the world.

The work was written collaboratively by authors Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori, Luca Crippa, and Gabriele Semprebon.

In his preface, Pope Francis lauded “the qualified contribution of science” to the book, which “shows the beauty of looking at unborn life as the holder of the highest right that belongs to everyone: that of existing”.

He also congratulated the authors for taking up his “invitation to return to the theme of abortion by ‘listening’ to the voice of the embryo… fine-tuned over the millennia of evolution”.

Reflecting further on “the wonder of being born”, Pope Francis renewed his “appeal to all those who, faced with unborn life, do not stop and do not give in to a tragic and definitive solution, such as abortion, but feel they can offer the unborn child and the mother the help of a society that is finally dedicated to defending the dignity of all, starting with the most vulnerable”.

Rejecting “throwaway culture”, Pope Francis called on all people to defend life “at every stage of existence: in the fragility of the unborn child, in the loneliness of the elderly, in the shameful poverty of so many who are deprived of the essential basics”.

A SPUC spokesperson said: “Abortion imposes a profoundly defeatist and life-denying ethic that calls on men and women to surrender to their fears rather than triumph over them. As a result of giving in to fear, society has lost sight of the greatest gift of all, life.

“It is so important that we do not forget who we truly are; as Pope Francis states, this is a matter of science as well as philosophy and religion, recognizing wonder, its meaning and purpose.”

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