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Professor who destroyed pro-life display fired after video shows her holding a machete to the neck of a New York Post reporter

by | May 24, 2023

By Cassy Fiano-Chesser

Update 5/24/23: “A Hunter College spokesperson confirmed the university had dismissed Shellyne Rodriguez after a video emerged showing her holding a long blade to the throat of Post journalist Reuven Fenton outside her apartment.”

Update 5/23/23: A professor who destroyed a pro-life student display earlier this month threatened a reporter from The Post on Tuesday, holding a machete to his neck.

According to The Post, reporter Reuven Fenton knocked on Hunter College Professor Shellyne Rodriguez’s apartment door on Tuesday and identified himself. A photographer was accompanying him. Rodriquez yelled from behind her closed door, “Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” She then came out of the apartment and put the machete to Fenton’s neck.

“Get the f–k away from my door! Get the f–k away from my door!” she yelled. She went back into the apartment and closed the door. Fenton and the photographer left the apartment building, but Rodriquez followed them.

“If I see you on this block one more f–king time, you’re gonna…” she said with the machete still in her hand. She then chased the photographer to his car before kicking Fenton in the shins and going back inside the building.

Hunter College released a statement regarding the incident. “Hunter College strongly condemns the unacceptable actions of Shellyne Rodriquez and has taken immediate action,” Vince DiMiceli, a spokesman for the school told The Post. “Rodriquez has been relieved of her duties at Hunter College effective immediately, and will not be returning to teach at the school.”

In addition to Rodriquez’s attack on pro-life students, Hunter College has made headlines for pro-abortion actions including a student recently chewing on fetal models she had painted with fake blood and a 2013 party at which students played a game of “abortion battles.”

In the video of that party, students can be seen shoving balloons up the shirts and then attacking each other with plastic knives while bystanders shout, “Kill that baby!”

5/22/23: A professor at Hunter College in New York angrily cursed out a group of pro-life students before destroying their display, and her actions were applauded by pro-abortion students on campus.

According to Students for Life, Professor Shellyne Rodriguez approached a table manned by pro-life students and began swearing at them. “On May 2, 2023, pro-life students at Hunter College hosted our This is Chemical Abortion tour display,” SFLA Northeast Regional Coordinator Taylor McGee said.

“About an hour into tabling, a professor named Shellyne Rodriguez arrived at the table and berated the students. She cursed at them and said, ‘this is b*******, this is violence, you’re triggering my students’ by the fact that they were peacefully standing there. The professor then threw the fetal models and the topic cards across and off the table.”

After her first outburst, the pro-life students alerted campus security, yet Rodriguez came back a second time. Though she was able to continue yelling at the students, she was not able to destroy their display again… though she allegedly tried.

“Professionals in a workplace have no business berating students for any reason especially for peacefully engaging in dialogue,” McGee said. “Free speech is essential for the growth and development of society, and we’ve seen throughout history the detrimental effect of suppressing free speech. Not only that, but the speech we require is the protection of human rights, specifically the rights of the most innocent and most pure: the preborn.”

Another student group, CUNY for Abortion Rights, posted support on Instagram for Rodriguez. Hunter College is one of the constituent colleges for CUNY, or the City University of New York. Rodriguez’s actions were labeled as “courageous” and “justified,” and they wrote that an attack on abortion is an attack on “all of us.” They further pressed for campus administration to bar groups like Students for Life from participating on campus.

“In solidarity with Shellyne, we commit to disrupting, dismantling, and uprooting any of these far-right groups when they attempt to plant seeds of harm at CUNY,” the pro-abortion group wrote.

Earlier this month at Hunter College, a pro-abortion student stole two fetal models, strung them on chicken wire, chewed them up, and painted them with what appeared to be fake blood. She also told a pro-life student to kill herself.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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