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Teen places newborn in trashcan where he died; mother says she did not know she was pregnant

by | May 22, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

In a terrible tragedy, Alexee Trevizo, a New Mexico teenager, has admitted to “giving birth to a baby boy and placing him in a trashcan where he died, newly released police bodycam footage shows.”

According to the Daily Mail, Trevizo, 19, “is heard telling her mother, ‘It came out of me, I put it in the bag. In the trash bag. I’m sorry mom.”  While admitting she had “put the baby in the trash,” Trevizo insisted that she not know she was pregnant.

Gary C. Mitchell, her attorney, told “the teenager wasn’t aware of the pregnancy when she attended the Artesia General Hospital on January 27 with back pain.”

Her mother, by all accounts, did not know her daughter was pregnant. In the bodycam footage

Trevizo’s distraught mother holds her head in her hands as she pleads with her daughter, saying: ‘What did you do?’

‘What did you do to it’ the mother demands and holds her head in her hands in desperation, before the doctor tells her to ‘stop right there’.

According to reporter Alice Wright, Ms. Trevizo had come to the Artesia General Hospital on January 27 where tests revealed she was pregnant:

She then locked herself in a hospital bathroom for an extended period of time. After she returned, a cleaner found the bathroom covered in blood and then called nurses after lifting the heavy trash bag.

In the bodycam footage, a doctor wearing a white lab coat explains to Trevizo and her mother: ‘We discovered a dead baby in the bathroom.’

The doctor is shown saying “The number one priority guys is she just had a baby, I don’t know whether she has delivered the placenta. She’s bleeding significantly’ she says, before explaining that the teenager must be moved to the obstetrician.”

The doctor goes on to say that because it “looked like you tried to hide it, we do have to have the police involved. “

“The baby is going to have to be taken for autopsy and there will be an investigator and everything’ the doctor continues in a calm voice. 

“I’m so sorry, but we need to do this correctly and I want to be transparent with you about what our steps are going to be.’ 

“Nothing was crying, it came out with nothing’ Trevizo repeats.” 

A male medic in the room asks the mother and daughter if they have any questions. Trevizo’s mother asks how big the baby is. 

“’It’s full term’ the masked medic responds,” Wright reports.

An autopsy done in March lists homicide as the cause of death.

Wright concludes

On May 10 Police charged Trevizo with first-degree murder, ‘or alternatively’ intentional abuse of a child resulting in death, plus a count for tampering with evidence.

Trevizo has since been released from jail and will be able to finish the school year without an ankle monitor or house arrest, while she waits to stand trial.   

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