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“There is nothing more narcissistic, degenerate and evil” than abortion says Dutch commentator

by | May 8, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

I knew I recognized her name—Eva Vlaardingerbroek—but couldn’t place it until I remembered I’d read about her in the National Catholic Register. She was described as a “popular Dutch legal philosopher and political commentator who has become well-known in recent years for her criticism of increasingly prominent social ideologies in contemporary Western society.”

That most definitely was on display over the weekend. She unloaded a tweeter “rant” (her word) against an article in the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad in Rotterdam which talked about how

The majority of young adults worry about their children’s future because of the climate crisis.

One young woman, Zoéannounced she had aborted her child because

“I don’t want to bring a child into the current world.”

Vlaardingerbroek angrily responded

There is nothing more narcissistic, degenerate and evil to me than people who propagate abortion or not having children because of ‘climate change’ or ‘the current state of the world’.

If you think your life is ‘hard’ or the world is too ‘unfair’ to bring a child into it, think for one damn second about the lives our ancestors lived and how it never even would have crossed their minds to kill their own babies for a second. Get a grip, you weak-minded morons.”

Her remarks went viral. They caught the eye of Elon Musk:

True. What’s actually happening in most countries is population collapse! Very important to make new humans. No new humans means no humanity.

Vlaardingerbroek finished her “rant” with these words:

“Sacrificing humanity in order to ‘save’ the planet. These people have very interesting priorities…

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