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Dobbs Gave New Life to the Pro-Life Movement, but We Can’t Quit Now

by | Jun 27, 2023

By Sen. James Lankford

Sen. James Lankford

It has been one year since the Supreme Court released its opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of children are alive in America today because of that decision. In just a few short months, those children will be on the playground, singing fun, silly songs. That’s something to be celebrated.

The Dobbs decision paved the way for the people’s elected representatives — at every level — to have the ability to value life through our laws. We are a nation that pays special attention to the vulnerable in our society. For decades, we have worked to find ways to support those in greatest need. Now, we can include the most vulnerable of all: children in the womb.

One year ago this week, the Dobbs decision gave new life to the pro-life movement, but we can’t quit now.

Certainly, there is not full agreement on protecting the lives of every child in America. The Biden administration has been the most pro-abortion White House in American history, actively working to find novel ways to increase the number of abortions.

The Hyde amendment, which prevents taxpayers from being forced to fund abortions, and the Weldon amendment, which protects medical providers from being discriminated against for their decision not to perform abortions, are both under attack. The White House looks the other way if a hospital compels a nurse to violate her conscience and assist in an abortion.

Forcing a person to perform an abortion against her faith or conscience or lose her job is the very definition of a bully.

The Biden administration now uses our veterans’ hospitals to provide abortions against federal law, even in states where abortions are restricted or illegal. The FDA is also ignoring federal law to recklessly allow dangerous chemical-abortion drugs to be mailed to women without the women ever having to see or talk to a doctor. This puts the health and safety of women, girls, and unborn babies at risk. Do-it-yourself abortions can have very real complications.

Federal law doesn’t allow the use of tax dollars to provide or promote abortion. But that has not stopped the White House from cutting off federal grant dollars to states for family planning and health screening for women if the state will not promote abortion services, which means the secretary of health and human services will not allow resources for low-income women in my state to receive some basic health care unless my state also violates federal law and promotes ways women can get an abortion out of state.

That is immoral and illegal. But it lines up with the primary goal of the Biden administration: to have more abortions and fewer children in America.

Crisis pregnancy centers around the nation have been under attack in recent months as activist bullies have started using intimidation and vandalism tactics to scare people who are trying to provide pregnant moms an alternative to abortion or give away free formula, diapers, and baby clothes.

The Dobbs decision certainly did not end abortion in our nation, and those of us who stand for life still clearly have a lot of work to do to make abortion unthinkable, not just illegal. We should work together to find ways to open dialogue about abortion by throwing water, not oil, on the fire, and getting people to talk about abortion instead of yell about it.

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