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Gov. Kelly Administration’s Dismal Reporting Record Worsens: Where Are 2022 Abortion Numbers for Kansas?  

by | Jun 2, 2023

(Topeka, KS – June 1, 2023) It’s June 1, 2023. Yet the 2022 “Abortions in Kansas” annual report is still not released. What is Gov. Laura Kelly hiding? And when will Kansans get the information they are guaranteed by state law? 

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) typically releases preliminary abortion numbers in the month of March. But now, for the third time in Gov. Kelly’s tenure, abortion numbers are late. In fact, they’re the latest on record since at least 1999. 

“This is the longest delay we’ve ever seen in the release of the annual abortion statistics report, even during the pandemic,” said Danielle Underwood, Kansans for Life’s Director of Communications. “Why is the Kelly Administration holding back last year’s abortion statistics?” 

From public comments made by abortion providers, it is likely Kansas saw a steep increase in overall abortions in 2022, chemical abortions, abortions performed on out-of-state residents, and possibly even live dismemberment abortions. 

Kansans for Life (KFL) urges the governor to immediately release the numbers.