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Hundreds protest Planned Parenthood’s planned abortion clinic in Fontana, California

by | Jun 9, 2023

By Dave Andrusko

Hundreds of pro-lifers, having learned that Planned Parenthood had their eyes set on establishing a clinic in Fontana, California, made their opposition clear with a protest march down city streets on June 2.

“Holding signs in English and Spanish, the pro-life residents urged their community to “Pray to end abortion,” “Protect the unborn child” and “In a war against children, have courage, choose love, choose life,” according to the Fontana Herald News.

The planned abortion clinic would be on the northeast corner of Sierra and San Bernardino avenues, officials from Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties told reporter Russell Ingold.

According to Ingold’s story, “The project is currently under staff review,” said Monique Carter, the City of Fontana communications and marketing manager, on June 6. “At present, no definitive hearing date has been determined.”

Planned Parenthood already has locations in the cities of San Bernardino, Victorville, and Upland in San Bernardino County.

Many of the hundreds of marchers were from St. Joseph Catholic Church. They carried pro-life signs, such as “Let God Plan Parenthood” and “Pray to End Abortion.”

Fontana resident Kimberly Chavez, an organizer of the simultaneous “peaceful pro-life prayer walk,” said when she was younger she had undergone multiple abortions.

“I regret them severely,” Chavez said. “I know that I’m forgiven and set free, and I just want to prevent them from happening to any other young women who might be facing a choice.”

Anna Tran, one of the speakers at a pre-march rally at Bethel Christian Fellowship, explained she had undergone an abortion when she was younger. “She would not have undergone the procedure if she had the knowledge and resources she has today,” she told Ingold

“Now that I know better, I would never murder my child, because they’re innocent,” Tran said. “We should be the voice for the voiceless at all times and educate people about what resources we have available, so that they don’t end their precious babies’ lives.”

Chavez said that “At Bethel, there is a support group for those who choose to keep their babies.

“We would love to have anyone in a crisis pregnancy talk to us, so that we can show them support and help them with their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.”

“As Christians, we must stand up for the most vulnerable among us, including the unborn,” Daniel Vasquez, the pastor of Calvary Chapel Fontana, said. “Abortion is the taking of a human life, and it is always wrong. We must work to create a culture of life, where every child is loved and valued, and where mothers are supported and empowered to choose life for their babies.”

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