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Killing babies in the womb Canada’s answer to alleviating poverty in poor countries

by | Jun 29, 2023

By Patricia Maloney

“Our government is unapologetically and unequivocally pro-choice.” Harjit Sajjan, Canada’s Minister of International Development

Harjit Sajjan is very proud of his government being “unapologetically and unequivocally pro-choice”. But it’s not enough that Canada is the most permissive country in the world when it comes to abortion. In Minister Sajjan’s little video he seems awfully proud that his government is now happily exporting Canada’s extreme abortion ideology to 28 other countries.

“Since 2020 Canada has spent over a half billion dollars on “sexual and reproductive health and rights”, in 28 countries, 4.5 million people have received “sexual and reproductive health services”, and “abortion and post-abortion care” to over 76,000 women in 17 countries, to train 12,000 new ” healthcare care” workers in the provision of this “sexual and reproductive care ” in over 4,200 facilities.”

In fact Canada has actually spent $1,224,874,902 on “sexual and reproductive health” since 2020, which includes abortion.

Nearly all of this 1 billion plus handout was actually supposed to alleviate poverty under the International Development Assistance Program:

“The main purpose on the International Development Assistance Program is to reduce poverty for those living in countries where Global Affairs Canada engages in international development.”

Killing babies in the womb seems to be one of our government’s answers to alleviating poverty in poor countries.

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