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Now more than ever

by | Jun 12, 2023

By Jor-El Godsey

Friday, June 24, 2022, was the day of generational “sea change” when Roe v. Wade, in its fiftieth year, was finally overturned. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling, written by Justice Samuel Alito, masterfully disassembled Roe’s deeply flawed legal footing and corrected the wrong that had established a supposed “right to abortion.”

The United States Supreme Court released each state to protect the lives of women and their babies from the predatory practices of abortion providers. Unfortunately, the ruling also allowed states to reaffirm or advance abortion practices and provisions.

This leads to a new tapestry of abortion in the U.S. that sees both Life States and Abortion States. This is eerily reminiscent of the division of Slave and Free States we experienced in U.S. history in the 19th century.

Some women in Life States we’ve spoken with via Option Line have said, “Well, if it’s against the law to abort, then I guess I’m going to have a baby!” Others continue with the false belief that abortion is their answer.

Differing strategies are arising in this post-Roe reality of a nation divided. Our international affiliates are buoyed by the change in the U.S. but under even more intense pressure from Big Abortion proponents bribing or bullying pro-life countries into accepting abortion.

Heartbeat International continues championing new places for outreach, welcoming new people as missionaries into the mission field created by abortion and innovating new pathways for effective life-affirming care. You’ll see in the 2022 Heartbeat International Annual Report pages how Heartbeat has seen more record numbers of outreach, connection, and missional impact. But until life is protected in law and cherished in our culture, we are providentially compelled to continue the life-saving work we do.

It is a new generation in the U.S. that encourages and inspires life-loving champions across the country and around the globe. We celebrate the amazing achievements of 2022 and are excited about the opportunities unfolding before us. We are grateful for everyone who is part of helping reach and rescue women, babies, and families, as well as renew communities for life.

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages Pregnancy Help News. The story is reposted with permission.

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