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One Year Later…

by | Jun 24, 2023

By Nevada Right to Life

June 24, 2023

One short year ago, today, Roe v Wade, the tragic Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion nationwide, fell. Do you remember where you were? History was made, and, as a result, over 53,000 unborn babies were saved.

We never thought the pro-aborts would submit, but I doubt any would have predicted the level of rage that would be unleashed. Gone are the days of abortionists and their minions pretending that any of this was for women’s safety or women’s rights. Gone are the days of pretty-speak like “safe, legal, and rare.”

In Nevada, Democrat legislators made big abortion their big agenda. They passed a law to protect abortion traffickers and incompetent abortionists. They completed the first step to amend Nevada’s constitution to protect abortion at the same level as free speech or freedom of religion.

Despite huge odds against us, we defeated big abortion several times in the past six months. They tried to pass a bill to harass and intimidate crisis pregnancy centers. And they failed. They tried to pass sex ed in the schools that promoted abortion. And we stopped them. They tried to open school based health centers that would be a conduit to abortion clinics. And we stopped them. They wanted to punish Nevada’s cities and towns for exercising their local power to say no to an abortion clinic. This one passed, but Governor Joe Lombardo vetoed it in the final hours.

Today we celebrate the Dobbs decision and the 53,000 lives it saved. We re-dedicate ourselves to fight in the legislature, the courts, and in the public square to advocate and defend the innocent unborn.

Thank you for joining us in this battle.

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