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Post Roe v. Wade, combating the abortion industry’s misinformation, misdirection, and alliances in the media

by | Jun 16, 2023

By Laura Echevarria, Director of Communications and Press Secretary, National Right to Life

Editor’s note. This appears in the June issue of National Right to Life News. Please share with your pro-life family and friends.

In the year since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in Dobbs v. Women’s Health, the pro-life movement has been effective in changing state laws to protect greater numbers of unborn children. Sadly, however, we’ve also seen pro-abortion legislatures that have passed laws ensuring unlimited abortion and protection of abortionists.

But Dobbs has given us a great opportunity to protect human lives and educate Americans about the reality of abortion and the life of the unborn child in the womb. Dobbs is not the end; it is a beginning. No longer is the pro-life movement limited by the restrictions in Roe v. Wade; instead, it has the opportunity to achieve more protections—not only for unborn babies but also for their mothers.

But with Dobbs comes a whole host of challenges. The abortion industry runs continuous disinformation campaigns, rolling them out with astonishing frequency. For example, for  a couple of weeks a deception campaign will focus on pregnancy centers, then for a month, we may see repeated misinformation about mifepristone( the abortion pill), then we may get similar media requests parroting talking points issued by NARAL or Planned Parenthood full of propaganda regarding state laws that protect babies after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The abortion industry uses misinformation, misdirection, and alliances in the media, Hollywood, and the White House to promulgate their version of “truth.”

One of the most common pieces of misinformation we’ve been combating has been about state laws that seek to protect babies. Many reporters have been referring to these as “bans” on abortion, but the truth is most abortions—about 95%– occur before 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Then, for reporters eager to advance the abortion agenda, there is the blatant lie that, post-Dobbs, women can’t be treated for miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies because hospitals and doctors are fearful of prosecution from state laws that protect babies from abortion. The truth is, of course, that miscarriages are not the same thing as induced abortions and usually involve a baby who has already died or is in the process of dying. Ectopic pregnancies are life-threatening—they can only be treated by removing the fallopian tube and, with it, the baby.

But the abortion industry never lets facts get in the way of a good propaganda message.

President Biden and his administration help in whatever way they can with the president demanding a “whole-of-government” approach to protecting unlimited abortion.

Even while I wrote this, the press secretary for the White House talked about priorities for the White House and, with a single breath, she went from talking about protecting kids in America from violence to codifying Roe v. Wade and making it the “law of the land.”

The brutal irony of her statement was lost on her and probably many of the reporters sitting in the briefing room listening to her. 

But administrations change. 

Just as it has taken us since 1973 to see Roe v. Wade overturned, we will one day see protection for unborn children returned. We are seeing lives saved with every pro-life bill that’s signed, every pregnancy center that opens, every radio program that reaches someone and changes a heart, and every interview that makes a viewer think and changes a mind about the issue of abortion and the life of the unborn child.

The legacy of Roe was death; the legacy of Dobbs will be lives saved. 

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