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Urgent: Last-minute push to pass assisted suicide in NY

by | Jun 7, 2023

By Anne LeBlanc

Last week, we warned that advocates for assisted suicide might try a last-minute push to legalize it before the NY legislative session winds down June 8th.

Now they’re on a full-on push to force a vote and pass the bill today or tomorrow.

It’s essential that all who oppose assisted suicide call their legislators and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins now!

Legislators, especially the Majority Leader, are getting many phone calls from those who want assisted suicide.  They need to hear from those of us who know it will be abused and lead to early deaths of elderly and disabled New Yorkers.

Important: Remember that this is the time for courtesy and persuasion, making the assumption that the person you are talking with is sincere.  Simply voicing your opposition to the bill is sufficient.

Please immediately call Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins at 518-455-2585 and ask her not to bring this bill to the floor.  Call your state Senator and Assembly member at the numbers below and politely tell them: “Please vote against legalizing assisted suicide.”

Please forward this important email to everyone you know who opposes assisted suicide.  This likely will be decided by the legislature today or tomorrow, June 7 or 8, so time is urgent.

Senate switchboard number:  518-455-2800 to deliver a message to your state Senator

 Assembly switchboard number:  518-455-4100 to deliver a message to your Assembly Member

 If you do not know who your state Senator or Assembly Representative is, go to;

Thank you,

Editor’s note. Anne LeBlanc is Chair, Board of Directors, New York State Right to Life

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