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by | Jun 23, 2023

By Carol Tobias, President

One year ago, we were gathered in Atlanta when the news came down—the Supreme Court had overturned Roe v Wade.  Fifty years of smart thinking and hard work had come to fruition.

Shouts of excitement and tears of joy broke out, at our convention and all across the country. And what a year it has been! 

Several states immediately enacted laws to protect unborn children.  Some states passed protective legislation; others went in the opposite direction, protecting abortion and abortionists. And in some states, laws have been enjoined, as state judges took over from where federal judges had been, somehow finding an invisible “right” to abortion in the state constitution.

We lost constitutional ballot measures but kicked out Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House.  As always, we’ve had our ups and downs this last year and that will likely continue.

Gallup just released the results of a poll, with questions about abortion that are asked annually.  One of the questions in the poll found that 34% of the country thinks abortion should be legal under any circumstance, 51% say legal only under certain circumstances, and 13% illegal in all circumstances.  But Gallup then asks those who say abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances—should abortion be legal in most circumstances or only in a few circumstances?  That group divides—13% in most circumstances and 36% in only a few circumstances.

With that additional breakdown, 47% say abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances while 49% say abortion should be illegal in all or legal in only a few circumstances.  In 1994, 29 years ago– the first time Gallup asked that question– the numbers were 46-51. Forty-six percent saying abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances while 51% say abortion should be illegal in all or legal in only a few circumstances.

Basically, the public has not moved in 30 years.  Because Roe is gone and unborn children are being protected, of course our opponents are going to be more energized and active and taking the elections more seriously, but so are we.  I’ve been part of the pro-life movement for many years; I have seen pro-lifers motivated and energized and dedicated to our mission.  But I think that determination has increased over the last year.

So, am I worried about what the future holds for the pro-life movement, for innocent preborn children and their mothers?  Not really.  I know you.  I know your heart and your talent and your generosity and your concern for the littlest, the most vulnerable among us.  The future of this country is in great hands.  In your hands.  And generations will thrive because you cared; and you made a difference.

I know you all, we all, will do what we can so that, even if abortion is legal, it is unthinkable.  Life wins.

Welcome to Pittsburgh and thank you for joining us at the 52nd annual National Right to Life Convention.

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