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Who is really running fake clinics out there?

by | Jun 16, 2023

By Christa Brown

Big Abortion has an end game to provide abortion to anyone, anytime, anyplace, no matter the reason or risk – to literally end as many lives as possible. Pregnancy help centers stand in the way of that master plan because they provide tangible help in their communities, an alternative to the abortion crowd’s devious work. 

Life-affirming pregnancy help ultimately leads to light being shed on the dark work of abortion, and this makes pregnancy help the object of defamation and other attacks from the abortion lobby. 

But who is providing real help to women? And who is overseeing counterfeit, or “fake clinics” as abortion apologists are so very fond of saying? 

Who is there, really meeting the needs of women and families? 

And what is the truth about life-affirming pregnancy help versus life-ending, life-damaging abortion?

There are roughly three times the number of pregnancy help centers (PHCs) in comparison to the number of the abortion facilities in the United States. This is an indication that PHCs serve women and their communities well, offering the true healthcare and backing that women and families desire as they face an unexpected pregnancy. 

Those who use medical techniques to end the lives of preborn children often label their work as “healthcare.”

Merriam-Webster defines healthcare as “the maintaining and restoration of health by the treatment and prevention of disease especially by trained and licensed professionals.” 

So, does the act of aborting a living child truly constitute any type of healthcare? Or are these abortion facilities actually the ones operating as “fake clinics” while simultaneously projecting falsehood on pregnancy centers?

Every family struggling with a pregnancy decision deserve access to quality, affordable health care services. They deserve honest answers about all their options. 

Discerning real clinics from those who manipulate and harm them can be challenging with all the pro-abortion misinformation out there. Still, the thousands of pregnancy help centers and their licensed healthcare professionals are available to help anyone making a pregnancy choice.  

Here are some questions women should ask before seeking care in a clinic to determine whether the assistance offered is real or fake:

• Is the information offered at the clinic transparent and unbiased? 

A real clinic provides all the information needed to make an informed choice about the pregnancy. Obviously, abortion is not the only solution to an unplanned pregnancy but in some fake clinics it is the only one provided. In real clinics, medical professionals operate with licenses to help protect clients and patients from being harmed. 

Medical services in real clinics are overseen by medical professionals who fall under the laws and codes that regulate the medical profession within each state. 

Women deserve information about all of their pregnancy options, tangible assistance, and long-term support.

• Are medical complications at the clinic reported? 

A real clinic shares their safety record with the public and readily discloses any complications of medications and surgical procedures performed within that facility. They are forthcoming regarding any complications such as uterine perforation, cervical laceration, hemorrhaging and death. 

Women deserve safety and truth when seeking care and withholding the clinic’s safety history does not keep them safe or help them make an informed choice. 

• Will my questions be answered by clinic staff?

A real clinic sets time aside to answer all the questions a patient might have in order to obtain informed consent. In a real clinic, patients are not pressed to make a decision for the sake of quick profit. 

The right to choose means the right to make a fully informed decision and no one should choose with unanswered questions. Prior to abortion, the American Association of Prolife OB/GYNs encourages comprehensive counseling to encourages patients to gather as much information as possible and to take time to understand and consider it carefully. 

Women should be free to seek respectful, compassionate, and supportive care, where they have the ability to ask questions – including those about pregnancy, relationships, birth, and parenthood. Women deserve an open discussion before any life-ending or altering decision is made. 

• Is the clinic staff well-trained and professional?

A real clinic has a skilled team who offers care with the client’s best interest in mind. Real clinics provide advocacy and protection for their patients’ private information, even in cases where the law does not require them to do so. Real clinics provide undivided attention to the care of each patient and her family. 

Women deserve healthcare that is not motivated by greed or personal gain from those they’ve entrusted their health and wellbeing.

• Who benefits from the pregnancy decision? The patient or the clinic?

A real clinic has no financial gain based on a pregnancy decision of a patient. A real clinic does not operate with financial rewards based on the decisions of their patients or with any measure of confusion, coercion, or control. A real clinic does not have a horse in the game and provides care no matter the choice of the woman. 

More than half of all women who abort do so to please others, not because it is a decision they want for themselves or their children. The healthcare personnel in a fake clinic should not be among those who would manipulate choices. 

Women deserve to be more than a profit margin of the abortion industry. 

• Does the clinic offer tangible solutions or exploit challenges? 

Rather than exploit the hardships of women and push them towards abortion decisions, real clinics offer transparent information to families regarding pregnancy and options championing them to make the best decision possible. 

A real clinic does not influence its patients by magnifying the challenges or shaming them into a decision. 

The most frequently cited reason families choose abortion is financial yet many remain unaware of the resources available within their own communities. 

A real clinic provides concrete solutions to help families overcome barriers to healthy pregnancies. 

Women deserve care that helps them meet their personal goals and does not create further physical, psychological, and spiritual hardships. 

 Does the clinic offer long-term assistance?

A real clinic advocates for women not just before the choice is made but afterward too. 

Sometimes the answers don’t come as a “quick fix” and the road to parenting may require more time and assistance than an abortion. Real clinics ensure long-term wellbeing of their patients and their children. 

A real clinic does not abandon their patients after payment is made for the medical procedure. As a matter of fact, many real (pregnancy help) clinics do not even accept payment – offering all services free of charge. 

Women deserve those they trust to stand by their side for the long-haul.

An intellectually honest assessment of the care offered to women by pregnancy help organizations versus that of abortion providers underscores the difference between what is real and what is fake.

The CLI confirms the high standards of pregnancy centers. 

The affiliates of the three largest national networks (Care Net, Heartbeat International, and NIFLA), as well as eight other networks, provide ongoing training, resources, and services subject to an overarching national code of ethics instituted in 2009, our Commitment of Care and Competence. Data from CLI confirms that that pregnancy centers served close to two million people, with services and material assistance valued at more than $266 million.

An overwhelming majority of Americans, regardless of whether they identify as “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” consider pregnancy centers a valuable community resource. Real clinics empower a woman with all she needs in the moment and lets her know they are available in the future. Abortion providers, offering one choice and dismissing those who choose otherwise, are not in any way providing real healthcare.

Pregnancy centers offer more choices than fake clinics at substantially less cost. 

While many who exit abortion clinics leave displeased, those seeking assistance in pregnancy help centers have a higher customer satisfaction experience than that of Chick-Fil-A. Granted, putting life-affirming care up against famous chicken sandwiches is an apples-to-oranges comparison, but the reality is the restaurant is known across industries for its exceptionally high standards and customer satisfaction rating. It is the standard-bearer – and so are pregnancy help organizations. 

Pregnancy help centers encourage families to make fully-informed choices without regret – choices that have positive ripple effects into every community served for many years into the future. 

To learn more about the truth about pregnancy help, visit the Pregnancy Center Truth website:

If you are struggling with a pregnancy decision, help is available 24/7 HERE.

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages Pregnancy Help News where this appeared. Reposted with permission.

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