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Incredible Roadside Art of Unborn Baby in South America Goes Viral

by | Jul 21, 2023

By Kim Schwartz, Texas Right to Life

In a small town in South America, a remarkable sculpture has captured the attention of locals and gained worldwide recognition through social media.

The sculpture, located along a roadside, portrays the image of an unborn baby and has been captivating passersby for over ten years. Created by Pro-Life artist Dubian Monsalve, this awe-inspiring artwork has recently resurfaced on Twitter, thanks to Catholic journalist Sachin Jose who shared a photo of it.

This sculpture, known as the “sculpture of an unborn baby carved on a mountain in Colombia,” was crafted by Monsalve in 2012 as part of his college project at the National University of Colombia in Medellin. Monsalve’s intention was to pay tribute to the value of life, firmly believing that it is precious from the moment of conception until its end. The sculpture, affectionately named “Pregnant Mountain” by the locals, can be found in Santo Domingo, Antioquia, Colombia, as confirmed by AFP Fact Check, an international news agency based in France.

In an interview with Catholic news outlet ACI Prensa, Monsalve expressed his deep-rooted belief in the sanctity of life, stating, “I am a believer, and I believe that life is worth everything.”

His sculpture not only represents the miracle of life but also serves as a symbol of hope for the Colombian people.

Monsalve’s vision extends beyond the borders of Colombia. He hopes that his artwork will remind people everywhere of the inherent value of Life and encourage them to fight for it:

“Don’t be afraid, it’s a word that Jesus himself taught us… We cannot shut up or silence ourselves. I really enjoyed doing that work because it also encompasses a very universal message about life … a message to defend life from its beginning to its end and that it is not worth giving up simply because of the prejudices of the world or because of the criticism of the world. It is simply having strength, being brave, and risking holding your thoughts, your ideas, and being a Christian artist.”

The sculpture of the unborn baby stands as a powerful reminder of the beauty of life before birth, and to cherish and protect this miracle. As the image continues to spread on social media, it promotes conversations about the sanctity of Life, reaching audiences far and wide with its universal message.

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