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Kansas law informs women, protects babies

by | Jul 13, 2023

ADF attorneys serving as co-counsel with Kansas attorney general’s office urge state court to uphold pro-life, pro-woman law

OLATHE, Kan. –  Alliance Defending Freedom [ADF] attorneys, serving as co-counsel with Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach’s office, filed a brief Friday asking a state court to deny Planned Parenthood and other abortionists’ attempt to block enforcement of the state’s pro-life and pro-woman law.

Since 1997, Kansas has guaranteed reasonable, commonsense measures through the Woman’s Right to Know Act, a law that ensures women undergoing abortion—a procedure with significant risks and momentous effects—do so only after they are fully informed and voluntarily consent. In the case, Hodes & Nauser v. Kobach, Planned Parenthood and other abortionists in the state are challenging the law designed to inform women of the risks and consequences of abortion, as well as the financial, medical, and legal assistance available if they choose life for their unborn child.

“Every human life is valuable, every baby deserves to be protected, and every mother needs adequate time and information to feel empowered to make the best decision for herself and her family,” said ADF Senior Counsel Denise Harle, director of the ADF Center for Life. “Kansas rightly enacted critical pro-life and pro-woman measures because, without adequate informed consent, pregnant mothers will not be able to meaningfully consider the impact of abortion on themselves or their child. We are urging the court to uphold the state’s duly enacted law on behalf of all current and future Kansans.”

 “Kansas, like every other state, has authority to regulate the medical profession as part of its inherent powers to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens,” the brief, filed with the Johnson County District Court, notes. “It is women, not self-interested abortionists…, who will suffer harm if this Court enjoins the reasonable informed consent requirements of the [Woman’s Right to Know] Act.”

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