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Little Boy Speechless When Dad Tells Him His Adoption is Official

by | Jul 6, 2023

By Ashlynn Lemos, Texas Right to Life

Almost a million people have now seen this heartwarming video of a young boy left speechless when he is told that his adoption has been finalized.

His father, Chris Overton, posted the clip on TikTok, saying, “[A]fter a few years of court the battle is finally over and my son is now indisputably my son.” With nearly 850,000 views on TikTok, and thousands more on YouTube, this heartwarming video has swept across the internet.

In the video, the young boy named Jameson is enjoying a swim in the pool when Overton unexpectedly jumps in, despite having a broken leg. After some playful moments together, splashing around and having fun, Overton leans in and whispers, “I’m your dad now,” leaving Jameson stunned before bursting into ecstatic squeals of joy.

Overwhelmed with happiness, Jameson immediately embraces his newfound father, tightly wrapping his arms around him. While both of them are taking in the moment, Overton whispered, “It’s over, buddy.”

Overton posted a follow-up video, captioned, “My best friend in the whole entire world… he’s now officially my son!” In the video, Jameson records, saying, “I love YOU! You’re the best dad in the whole wide world, and you are the best dad. And I will always love you, with all my heart. And I will always love you, for you, forever and ever and ever, for the rest of existence.”

This father-son duo appeared for an interview on ABC News, giving a message to families going through a similar adoption process!

“Don’t give up,” Overton shares. “It was incredibly difficult, incredibly challenging, but when you just follow your heart, you just know the right thing to do.”

On Facebook, he publicly wrote how this process has impacted his life. “I can’t tell you how full my heart is watching how many people have had their hearts touched by such a beautiful act of love,” he said.

“We wanted to quit so many times. The amount of physical pain I endured just to try and pay for this and not go bankrupt was at a level at which I never knew was possible. [A]nd there was nothing I could do. I could either quit and go out on disability and suffer no matter what, or I could fight. And we did just that.”

The fight might not be easy, but it is rewarding! Because of Overton’s persistence, he can now call Jameson his son. 

We are praying for those walking through a story like this right now. Because of your persistence and prayer, a child could have a forever family! What a blessing!

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