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RARE: Company Promotes NOT Killing Your Kids Through Abortion

by | Jul 17, 2023

By Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

It’s a bummer that we have to say this occurrence is rare. 

While most companies this year have pledged their allegiance to the abortion flag, one company is taking the opposite approach. EveryLife is a baby product brand that spreads the mission that all children are miracles from God who deserve to be “loved, protected, and supported.” 

EveryLife released a video ad on July 13. In just one day, it reached over 1,000,000 views while garnering thousands of likes.

“While so many companies are promoting what is wrong,” the narrator of the video said, “we choose to celebrate what is right…LIFE!”

The video showed clips of babies and parents throughout different stages and ages. It was honestly a beautiful sentiment to life.

The video continued while featuring babies in a variety of different races and abilities. It even looked like one of the babies had Down Syndrome.

“Every miracle from God, boy and girl, black, tan and white, planned and unplanned, gifted and special,” the video’s narrator said, “every one of them is celebrated here. EveryLife, where changing diapers changes lives.”

To be frank, I never thought a 45-second diaper commercial could be so touching, but it was! The sentiment was shared with other life affirming groups and people. 

“Beautiful ad and existential brand name,” a Twitter user stated. 

User Alex Bruesewitz pointed out that while the EveryLife brand is honoring life and even donates to pro-life organizations, companies like Huggies and Pampers, other diaper brands, are doing the exact opposite.    

EveryLife is explicitly clear on its website that it honors life and recognizes the value that every single one holds.

“We are here because our values, vision, and mission are deeply held convictions that drive us to build a different kind of company,” the website lists under its values section. “We will never sacrifice our beliefs or the integrity of our products for the sake of popularity, gain or grift nor will we support anything that goes against our mission to protect life.” 

EveryLife also heads a “Buy for a Cause” program that donates a portion of its proceeds directly to LiveAction, a pro-life organization, in order to “reach and save more lives.” In addition, the brand allows customers to buy a bundle of products that would facilitate the donation of essential items like diapers and wipes to a family in need. 

At the end of the day, it’s sad that brands have to exist that honor life, but the reality is, brands like this are few and far between with the pro-abort culture we live in. Hopefully, others boldly proclaim their faith and stand up for valuable innocent babies like EveryLife is doing.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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