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A Clear Choice:  Good or Evil?

by | Aug 8, 2023

By Carol Tobias, President

There is no question about it. Joe Biden is the most fanatically pro-abortion president we’ve ever had. Biden’s administration is filled with people who go to work every day thinking of ways to advance the killing of innocent preborn children.

In direct conflict with both federal and state law, his Administration pays for and provides abortions for veterans and eligible spouses and dependents within the Veterans Affairs system as well travel and transportation costs for military members and dependents to travel to obtain elective abortion.

President Biden rescinded a Title X grant from a state because the state refuses to use the funds to aid the killing of preborn children. He suspended long-standing protections for women undergoing chemical abortions, funds research on tissue from aborted babies, challenged in court laws enacted by men and women duly elected to state legislatures, and looks for opportunities to shut down viable alternatives for women facing an unexpected pregnancy (which is why they target pregnancy help centers)—and that is just a taste of his abortion fanaticism.

Biden must not—CANNOT—be re-elected as president for another four years. Too many more babies will die because of his “abortion is the only choice” mentality.  Yet even if he is replaced as the Democrat candidate for president, his replacement will be no different, certainly no better. 

The pro-life movement is blessed with many great pro-life candidates running for president on the Republican ticket. Many pro-lifers have a favorite candidate, others are waiting to see who comes forward as the best, strongest candidate to beat Biden or his replacement.

It is counterproductive for any pro-life person or group to disparage and undercut pro-life candidates, claiming that some of them are “unacceptable.” I was sorry to see a group do just that, trying to knock out of the race a pro-life candidate who didn’t jump on board with their particular priority– a national law to limit abortion after 15 weeks.

Candidates who have a history of voting for, signing into law, or supporting pro-life legislation and policies should be applauded and thanked. We do not have the luxury of saying some of these candidates are unacceptable– especially when the standard for “acceptable” is a bill that would prohibit just 5% or fewer of all abortions.

NRL News Today has carried several articles explaining the problem, including one in the August issue of NRL News. A 15-week bill would save only 5% of babies but would allow abortion promoters to weaponize their deceptive, poll-tested phrase “national ban on abortion” to mislead abortion supporters into believing all abortions would be “banned,” further inflaming their pro-abortion passion to defeat the pro-life candidate.

To a casual observer who does not know that 95% of all abortions occur before 15 weeks, such a bill, if enacted, would create the illusion of solving the abortion problem while leaving 95% of unborn babies unprotected.

A 15-week bill could not, in any event, pass the U.S. Senate in the foreseeable future because of a Democrat filibuster.

One further point: a 15-week bill now overlooks the profound and fundamental strategic difference between promoting such a law when Roe v Wade was in effect – when the need was to get the Supreme Court to reexamine that lethal precedent – and postRoe, when the need is enacting legislation to actually save as many unborn children as possible.

As outlined in NRLC’s initiative, “The Role of the Federal Government in the Protection of Unborn Children,”  the right to life movement should seek real lifesaving goals at the federal level that are politically wise and realistically achievable in the foreseeable future. 

I have heard, for many years, that people are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, meaning they don’t really like either candidate.  News flash—there is no perfect candidate!  I don’t remember a candidate with whom I agreed 100% on everything.  We look at the options available to us and select the one who will be the best leader.

Any of the viable Republican candidates running for president will support meaningful, life-affirming policies to help mothers and save babies.

The only evil on the ballot will be the candidate who wants to deny conscience rights to medical personnel who don’t want to participate in abortions.

The only evil on the ballot will be the candidate who wants to remove conscience rights from medical personnel who don’t want to participate in abortions.

The only evil will be the candidate who wants to shut down pregnancy help centers and who uses the power of the federal government to harass peaceful people praying outside abortion facilities.

The election is still 15 months away.  No pro-life candidate should be denounced or rejected. Let’s instead use our time and energy to expose and fight the evil in our midst, doing everything we can to dispel the cloud over our nation on Election Day, November 5, 2024.

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